Miners Helmet
Miners Helmet
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Available Yes
Type Head Item
Member item No
Party Save The Migrator Project
Dig Out The Dojo
Cave Expedition
Island Adventure Party 2010
Stadium Games
Cost Free
Where found Iceberg
Cave Mine (currently)
Ski Village
Item ID 429
Unlockable Yes (Upload coins from Herbert's Revenge.
The Miners Helmet is a head item which could be found when Club Penguin suffers some problems or starts major construction. Currently, it can be found in the Mine Cave and the Stadium. If you wear this, and nothing else, when you dance you will use a Jackhammer; you can also wear the Safety Vest and/or Black Puffle with it.

Similar items are the Hard Hat, Red Construction Hat and the Green Hard Hat.


  • It is the only item to make appearances every year (except 2005).
  • Its very common , because it may be always available and because it can do a special dance.
  • So far this item lasts longer than any other item.



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