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Jakks Pacific designed a series of 2 inch "Mix and Match" figures based on Club Penguin. Each pack comes with 2 figures (with the exception of Famous Penguins and certain other figures), a coin with a code, and an accessory. An Igloo Playset was also designed for the figures. It includes a blue penguin figure, a puffle, a cannon (and ball), and various furniture. Each figure has a body, head and bottom that snap on and off. Interestingly, feet can be connected with heads without a body, as well as many similar cases. Each set costs $6.00 in the US, except for the igloo set, which is $30.00. If you unlock 5 toys in a row, you can access the secret page in the Treasure Book, and unlock 4 items. They cost £5.99 in the UK, costing more than how much they are in the US.


Series 1[]

  • Rockhopper
  • Scuba Diver, and Mermaid
  • Frankenpenguin, and Bumblebee
  • Shadow Guy, and Mild Mannered Reporter
  • Space Alien, and Spaceman

Series 2[]

  • Band Member
  • Gary the Gadget Guy
  • Secret Agent, and Rookie
  • Pharaoh, and Mummy
  • Snowboarder, and Pajama Bunny Slippers

Series 3[]

  • Marching Band, and Blue Cheerleader
  • Sombrero Guy, and Fiesta Girl
  • Bard, and 12th Fish Costume
  • Aunt Arctic
  • Cowboy, and Leprechaun

Series 4[]

  • Rad Scientist, and Faery
  • Frankenpenguin, and Bumblebee
  • Camper, and Fisherman
  • Lifeguard, and Snorkeler
  • Herbert P. Bear, and Klutzy

Series 5[]

  • Snowboarder, and Pajama Bunny Slippers
  • Knight, and Ninja
  • Sensei
  • Gamma Gal, and Squidzoid
  • Rockstar, and Ruby and the Ruby Girl

Series 6[]

  • Court Jester, and King
  • Construction Worker, and Firefighter
  • Figure Skater, and Red Hockey Player
  • Surfer Dude, and Viking
  • Cadence

Series 7[]

  • Band Member
  • Baseball Player, and Referee
  • Shamrock Dress, and Bunny Costume
  • Pharaoh, and Mummy
  • Rockhopper

Series 8[]

Series 9[]

Series 10[]

  • Fire Ninja, and Fire Sensei
  • Dot the Disguise Gal
  • Yellow Team, and Green Team Cheerleader
  • Red Team, and Blue Team Cheerleader

Series 11[]

  • Aunt Arctic
  • Puffle Friend T-shirt, and Puffle Friend World
  • Green Construction Worker, and Water Suite 3000
  • Squidzoid, and 12th Fish Costume
  • Blue Hockey Player, and Figure Skater

Vehicles and Playsets[]


  • There were some rumors of a "HQ Playset" with Aunt Arctic, however it was never released.
  • Series 8 Mix and match were released on about July 1, 2010.
  • In UK Argos Catalogues, they have pictures of an unreleased Series 12, which includes Aunt Arctic, Blue Hockey Player and Figure Skater, Ringmaster and Scarecrow, Iron Knight and Princess, and EPF Delta.
  • Most of the Mascot figures are not Mix 'N Match.
  • Also, there was going to be a fifth set in Series 10 which included a penguin with the Tree Costume, a Reindeer penguin, a present, and a Christmas tree. However, it was never released.