Mt. Blizzard Summit

Opened September 5, 2017
Closed Still open
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Mt. Blizzard Summit is a zone in Club Penguin Island, only accessible during the Ep. 3 - Windy Path and Ep. 5 - Colder Climes adventures. It is comprised of the highest parts of Mt. Blizzard, including the peak, and has very low temperatures and strong winds. Yetis are rumored to live here.


Except for the peak, most areas of the summit are very similar, and are small open areas with three caves, which are paths to progress higher up the mountain. Entering the wrong cave takes the player back to the first area.


The peak appears in both adventures that the summit is visited in. At the bottom there is a large open area covered in snow surrounded by rocky walls, one of which has a carving of a yeti and a pirate penguin on it. North of the open area there is a spiral path of rock that curves around the top of the mountain and ends at the snow-covered peak. A red flag is placed on top by Rookie.

Areas seen in Ep. 3 - Windy Path

The first area visited in the adventure is surrounded by several snow-covered trees, some of which have fallen over. There are also bushes growing by the caves, and on the east end there is a stone tablet with a map that displays which path to take to the summit.

The second area has a few snowy trees, and several wooden boards and mining equipment which are propped next to and on top of the caves.

The third area has large piles of snow and icicles on top of and around the caves, as well as an abandoned campfire and a log next to it. There is a torch on the wall. The correct cave to progress in this area is initially blocked by a large block of ice.

Areas seen in Ep. 5 - Colder Climes

The first area visited in the adventure is similar to the first area from the previous adventure, but contains railings around the edges. On the left there is a stone tablet, which map pieces are fitted into. It connects to a few other sub-areas which are mostly barren besides the map pieces that must be collected, but one contains a large dinosaur skeleton.

The second area visited (excluding the previous sub-areas) has lava pouring down from the walls above, some of which is hardened. There is a campfire in the center.

The third area visited has a lot of abandoned mining equipment, including pickaxes, lanterns, and mine carts, with one of which containing chunks of gold ore.


  • In Ep. 2 - Better Yeti, Jet Pack Guy mentions that a rockslide has blocked the path to the summit at the start of the adventure. However, this path is never seen, as the summit is only ever accessed by use of a cannon.

Names in other languages

Language Name
PortuguesePico do Monte Nevasca
FrenchSommet du Mt Blizzard
SpanishCima de Montaña Ventisca
German N/A
Russian N/A
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