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A mullet.png
Scientific name Mugilidae
Similar creatures Gray Fish, Fluffies
Appeared Ice Fishing, Aqua Grabber
Predators Megalodon
Prey Fluffies

The Mullet is a large red fish found in Club Penguin. It can be seen in remote games and locations on the island.

The Mullet's most notable appearance in Club Penguin was at the end of Ice Fishing where it would swim across the screen once the player had caught 60 fish before the game ended. In order to catch the Mullet, the player needed to keep a Fluffy fish on their line as bait. Catching the Mullet would end the game and give the player an extra 100 coins. In the DS version, the Mullet would only appear if the player didn't collect any squid and could only be caught using a medium-sized fish.

The Mullet also appeared in both levels of Aqua Grabber. In Clam Waters, the Mullet appeared above the hole leading to the bottom of the map once the player had captured the Grand Pearl, serving as an obstacle to avoid. In the Soda Seas levels, the Mullet could be found in a cave on the right side of the map. In this level, the player could catch the Mullet by using a Fluffy fish as bait, then the Mullet would attempt to swim away, pulling the player strongly in different directions to make the Aqua Grabber 3000 get hit, resulting in the claw releasing the Mullet. If the player successfully brought the Mullet to the net, they would be rewarded with 1000 coins and the Mullet Capture stamp. Once the Mullet was taken out from its original location, the player was able to access the cave where Klepto and the emerald could be found.



According to an old Club Penguin Times article, the Mullet was discovered by an unknown penguin who mounted it on the wall at the Ski Lodge. It was thought to be the last of its kind until rumors started about more of them hidden in the water. Ever since, it has been a popular dish consumed by penguins, and has appeared in many places around the island.

How to catch the Mullet

Ice Fishing

Catch 60 fish. At this point, you should see the mullet swimming in the background. Three more fish will appear. Feel free to catch two of them but keep the last one on your line as bait for Mullet.

Aqua Grabber

  1. Select the Soda Seas level.
  2. Bring back all the Cream Soda barrels to the net.
  3. Enter the small cave on the upper left side of the map.
  4. Repeatedly crash into the purple rock at the top of the cave until a worm falls down. Catch it before it digs into the ground and disappears.
  5. Find Fluffy and catch it using the worm.
  6. Go to the right-most cave, where the Mullet is, and use Fluffy to catch it.
  7. Carefully bring the Mullet to the net.
  • Make sure not to get too near to walls, as hitting objects will allow the mullet to escape.
  • When the mullet attempts to swim away, move in the opposite direction in order remain in place. Only try to manouvre towards the net when it's resting.



  • Penguins do eat Mullets, as seen on the Season's Greetings postcard.
  • G Billy was the first penguin to catch a Mullet but he threw the Mullet back.
  • There is a server called Mullet.
  • There are several differences between the Mullets in Club Penguin and Mullets in real life. In real life, Mullets are actually small fish that are mostly white with red spots. They also have whiskers.



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