For the feature for igloos in Club Penguin Island, see Music (CPI).

The former music icon seen when editing an igloo

There are various types of music that are played in most areas of Club Penguin. Some rooms always have music, like the Pizza Parlor, while sometimes rooms have music for special occasions only. Igloos and games have music as well. Most pieces of music lasts about 30–50 seconds, and are looped.

Music files

Club Penguin's flash-based music files have a prefix of:

And end with a number and .swf.

  • 1-99 are for normal rooms.[1]
  • 100-199 are for games.
  • 200 and onward are for parties.

Note that some songs are available in a .mp3 format.


In 2012, Club Penguin started making real songs, some of which were for the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam, Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit, Halloween Party 2012, Holiday Party 2012 and the Puffle Party 2013. These songs last about two or three minutes and some are posted as Club Penguin Shorts on their YouTube channel.

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  1. Note that in 2005 and 2006 this sorting system did not exist, and music from 2006 like from the Winter Luau was given rooms' IDs

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