In the past, Club Penguin did not hire composers to create music for the game, instead it bought music from various distributors (both licensed and royalty-free). This page lists the original sources for all the various tracks, over the past, that Club Penguin has used.

Since most dealers offer multiple mixes of each track offered the songs linked to often do not sound exactly alike. Club Penguin used song loops, and put them into swf files, and the song would play all the loops in different orders, this was changed in December 2012.

In Club Penguin Island, some of the tracks are from Extreme Music, meaning they were not composed by the team.

Listing of tracks and their sources

Club Penguin


Name Game Website Composer
Yessir Hydro Hopper Smartsound Craig Riley
Organic Journey Bean Counters Smartsound Doug Brown
Renewed Puffle Roundup Smartsound Johnny Bone
Paris St. Germain Ice Fishing Shockwave Sound Jeremy Sherman
Epic Series: Epic 2 - Suspense Cave Runner NEO Sounds Bjorn Lynne
Time Travellers Jet Pack Adventure Shockwave Sound Tomasz Stobierski


Name Room Website Composer
Sparky's New Bike Town Shockwave Sound Paul Sumpter
King of Kingston Coffee Shop Shockwave Sound Paul Sumpter
Crossing Over Dance Club NEO Sounds Bjorn Lynne
Charlies Here Pizza Parlor Getty Images Skip Peck
Stealth Everyday Phoning Facility NEO Sounds David Ingall

Party specific

Name Party Website Composer
Communication Operation: Crustacean NEO Sounds Bjorn Lynne
Jingle Bells Christmas Parties NEO Sounds Bjorn Lynne
Honolulu Honey Winter Luau NEO Sounds Jeremy Sherman
Sunshine Holiday Winter Luau Shockwave Sound Gayle Ellett
Gravitons Underground Opening Party N/A Bjorn Fogelberg
Dance Ye Merry St. Patrick's Day Parties NEO Sounds Adam Skorupa
C' est Chaud April Fools' Party 2011 NEO Sounds Jeremy Sherman
Sparky's New Bike April Fools' Parties Shockwave Sound Paul Sumpter
Guadeloupe Beach Party Summer Party Tele Music Slim Pezin
Southern Fried Western Party Sounddogs Johnny Bone
Event Prep Sports Party Sounddogs Curt Macdonald
Seek And Hide Halloween Parties Tele Music Nicolas Mallia
Rainy Day Ska Festival of Snow 2007 NEO Sounds Jeremy Sherman
Good Attitude Music Jam 2008 NEO Sounds Julio Kladniew
Maybe Baby Music Jam 2008 NEO Sounds Gavin Courtie, Liz Radford
Ska Mad Water Parties NEO Sounds Jeremy Sherman
Christmas Jammin' Holiday Parties Shockwave Sound Mat Andasun

Igloo Music

Name Website Composer
Santiago Swing NEO Sounds Gavin Courtie, Liz Radford

Club Penguin Island


Name Room Website Composer
Sunday Skool Mt. Blizzard Extreme Music N/A
Checker Chucker Mt. Blizzard Extreme Music Nick Welsh
Lucky One Island Central Extreme Music

Werner Tautz

Cash Or Check Island Central Extreme Music Helmut Reinhardt
Beat Them Keys Island Central Extreme Music Werner Tautz


Name Website Composer
White Trash Extreme Music N/A
HaveSumFun Extreme Music N/A
Scooter Boost Extreme Music Doc Martin
Aspect Rodeo Extreme Music N/A
Out of Control Extreme Music N/A

Aunt Arctic Quests

Name Website Composer
Ottoman Down Extreme Music Jonathon Mayer
Rage Extreme Music Oswin Mackintosh

Rookie Quests

Name Website Composer
Spazz For Jazz Extreme Music Brian Dougans
That Aha Moment Extreme Music N/A


Name Website Composer
Paparazzi Shuffle Smartsound Jane Finstrom


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