Music Cruise Ship

Where At sea
Opened July 17, 2014
November 2, 2016
Closed July 31, 2014
November 30, 2016
Mini-games SoundStudio (2014)
Room ID Various
Tour Description

The Music Cruise is a large, luxury party cruise line, hosted by Cadence. It is music themed and has multiple rooms. It appeared at the Music Jam 2014 and the Music Jam 2016.


Ship Lobby

The Ship Lobby is in most cases the entrance to the Music Cruise, located in the center; which acts as the main room (connecting to most rooms on the ship). It has a reception desk and an elevator that takes you to the Main Stage.

Main Stage

The Main Stage is the concert hall for the Music Cruise which is located at the top left of the ship. At the Music Jam 2014, Cadence, The Penguin Band, Zendaya, Cole Plante, and Sabrina Carpenter performed here after each other in a cycle.

At the Music Jam 2016, the "live concert" was replaced by instruments and the SoundStudio booth was replaced by a chair and life preservers.


The Buffet is a room on the eastern side of the Cruise Ship. In the bottom-left hand corner there was the buffet and on the right hand side is a DJ station. At the Music Jam 2014, it was a SoundStudio station.

At the Music Jam 2016, the SoundStudio booth was replaced by a regular DJ booth. Thus, it was impossible for players to create new tracks in this room. However, it was still possible to share and listen to tracks made by others.


The Bridge is located at the front of the ship. There were visible tables and chairs, a small stand with a set of drums, a keyboard and a microphone.

Pool Deck

The Pool Deck is located in the middle of the Music Cruise and, as the name suggests, is the pool area of the ship. It has two interactive slides, multiple sunbeds, a small stage with two microphones and a lifeguard's chair.

Engine Room

The Engine Room is located at the lower left of the Music Cruise and is the supposed source of fuel for the ship. Like the rest of the ship, many things here revolve around musical instruments. In fact, the furnace, engines, etc., all are powered by music.


  • All rooms on the ship, except for the Engine Room, have a day-night cycle that changes every five minutes. They start at daytime (normal sky and sea), then go to dusk (purple-magenta colored sky, with pale blue colored sea), then to night (dark purple sky, dark blue sea), then go to dawn (lavender-yellow colored sky, with pale blue colored sea), then cycle again.
  • There is a Music Cruise Background and a Cruise Ship Pin, both based on this ship.





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