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Music Jam 2010
Music Jam 09 Logo

Members only? No
When July 8–19, 2010
Free Item(s) Non-Member
Blue Headphones, Cadence's Autograph, Band Autograph

Music Jam Shirt and Boombox

Location Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) Cadence & Penguin Band

The Music Jam 2010 was a party in Club Penguin that started on July 8, 2010, and ended on July 19, 2010. It was first confirmed in the 246th issue of the Club Penguin Times. Also, the same issue confirmed a new Penguin Style was released on July 2 with music-themed clothing which hinted that there would be a Music Jam. The catalog was actually released earlier, on June 30. Another hint was in the "Upcoming Events" section of the Club Penguin Times. It said, "Start saving your coins for some rocking new igloo items."

Free items

Image Item Location Members only?
BlueHeadphones Blue Headphones Cove No
Music Jam Shirt clothing icon ID 4238 Music Jam Shirt Back Stage Yes
Boombox Boombox Night Club Rooftop Yes
Cadence Background clothing icon ID 9065 Cadence Background Meeting Cadence No
Band Autograph icon Band Autograph Meeting a band member No






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