Music Jam 2014

Members only? No
When July 17 - 29, 2014
Free Item(s) Miner's Helmet
Music Cruise Pass
Thrift Shop Style
Glitter Microphone
Drum Roll
Beat Dropper Hat
Beat Dropper Outfit
Girl Next Door Guitar
Here Comes Treble
MP3000 Bling Edition
Urban Diva Outfit
Location Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) Cadence
Penguin Band

The Music Jam 2014 is a party in Club Penguin that started on July 17th and will end on July 29, 2014. It is the seventh annual Music Jam.


To celebrate the finale of the Penguin Cup, Cadence announces her plans for a new single and her other plans for the the opening of a massive, luxury celebration cruise ship. Multiple special guests will appear with her to perform at the ultimate music festival.


All of the performers listed could be seen at the Main Stage every few minutes. A new performer will be unlocked every other day of the party. Each one also offered free Autographed Backgrounds.

NameSongItemDate Unlocked
CadenceLoginScreen Cadence,

Penguin Band

Best Day Ever CadenceAug2013BGIcon Cadence's Aug 2013 Giveaway

Penguin Band Giveaway

July 17
FemalePenguin1MJ2014Guest Violetta Hoy Somos Mas Violetta Giveaway clothing icon ID 9273 Violetta Giveaway July 19
ColePlanteLoginScreen Cole Plante Puffle Party (Gotta Have a Wingman) Remix DJ Cole Giveaway clothing icon ID 9270 DJ Cole Giveaway July 21
BlondeFemalePenguinMJ2014 Sabrina Carpenter Can't Blame a Girl for Trying Sabrina Giveaway clothing icon ID 9272 Sabrina Giveaway July 23
FemalePenguin2MJ2014Guest Zendaya Replay Zendaya Giveaway clothing icon ID 9271 Zendaya Giveaway July 25

Free Items

Image Item Type Location Release date Members only?
Miners Helmet clothing icon ID 429 Miner's Helmet Head Item Engine Room July 17 No
Music Cruise Pass clothing icon ID 3211 Music Cruise Pass Neck Item Music Jam 2014 Schedule July 18 No
Thrift Shop Style clothing icon ID 24146 Thrift Shop Style Body Item Music Jam 2014 Schedule July 18 Yes
Glitter Microphone clothing icon ID 5463 Glitter Microphone Hand Item Music Jam 2014 Schedule July 20 Yes
Puffle Care icons Head drumroll Drum Roll Puffle Hat Music Jam 2014 Schedule July 20 Yes
Beat Dropper Hat clothing icon ID 1891 Beat Dropper Hat Head Item Music Jam 2014 Schedule July 22 No
Beat Dropper Outfit clothing icon ID 24156 Beat Dropper Outfit Body Item Music Jam 2014 Schedule July 22 Yes
Girl Next Door Guitar clothing icon ID 5462 Girl Next Door Guitar Hand Item Music Jam 2014 Schedule July 24 No
Here Comes Treble clothing icon ID 24154 Here Comes Treble Body Item Music Jam 2014 Schedule July 24 Yes
MP3000 Bling Edition clothing icon ID 5461 MP3000 Bling Edition Hand Item Music Jam 2014 Schedule July 26 No
Urban Diva Outfit clothing icon ID 24157 Urban Diva Outfit Body Item Music Jam 2014 Schedule July 26 Yes


  • It is the second of the Sponsored Parties in 2014, the first being the Muppets World Tour It is also the ninth sponsored party overall, with the first being the Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2012.
  • It is the first musical-themed party to have the "Music Jam" title since 2011.
    • However, this is the first party with the original "Music Jam" name to include special guests.
  • It was once rumored to be held in May, but instead the Future Party was rolled out.
  • The Club Penguin Magazine confirmed it to begin on July 17.
  • Members have unlimited access to an all new mini-game, SoundStudio, during the party,[2] which was set to replace DJ3K at the Dance Club.
  • It was confirmed via the Spoiler Alert that both Cadence and the Penguin Band will appear.[3]
  • A new song called Best Day Ever was released prior to the party,[4] free to download on the homepage starting July 2.
  • Penguins inspired by the Disney Channel stars Cole Plante, Zendaya, Sabrina Carpenter, and Violetta will be performing and giving away music packs during the party.
    • Although there have been numerous special guests before, this party is the first to include penguins based on actual people, and not the characters they portray (with the exception of Violetta).
  • A Music Cruise was introduced at the party.
  • Members who buy and use the Tour Bus Igloo appear on the igloo list at the party.
  • Night-time in Club Penguin became a reality during this party, as it was asked for by many fans; there are daytime and nighttime five minute cycles for the Music Cruise in the party.[5] This is the first ever party to feature this. However, other parties have had different types of skies, albeit only one that stays the same throughout the entire duration of the party.
  • It is so far the smallest Music Jam in terms of decorations.
  • The Town Center decoration was recycled from the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam.
  • This was the first full appearance of the Penguin Band as mascots in almost two years, since the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam.


  • There was a glitch where you couldn't like other penguins' SoundStudio songs. However, this has now been fixed.
  • Sometimes you won't be able to hear other penguins' music, unless you either leave and come back or share a music of yours.
  • There is a glitch that if you go down a slide in the pool area, you can't splash.
  • There is a glitch when Cadence is talking and showing you the schedule, when you press "ok", the speech bubble won't disappear. The only way to make the speech bubble disappear is to click on the map and then close it.
  • When Cadence finishes her song, she would still be on the stage for a short extended amount of time without any music, as if she was still singing. The same glitch happens to Violetta's and Cole Plante's performance.
  • When you pick "Games" on the Map and pick Hydro Hopper, the arrow will be on the right of the Hydro Hopper, where the Hydro Hopper previously was.


Sneak Peeks

Newspaper Articles

Issue #443

Issue #445



Logoff Screens



Penguin Band and Cadence spotted





Tour Guide Messages

Room Tour Guide
Dock This is the Cruise Docks. Come aboard the Music Cruise... or go on a Club Penguin adventure. Tons of bands and DJs are visiting. Check out their tour buses!
Ship Lobby This is the ship's lobby. You can check in at the front desk. From here you can go... to any part of the Music Cruise.
Main Stage It's the Main Stage. This is the heart of the Music Jam! Listen to songs from new DJs... or take in a concert. We've never had acts like these before!
Ship's Buffet Here's the ship's buffet. It's time for dinner and dancing. Start by the plates... and walk around to pick your food. After your meal... try out your best ballroom moves.
The Bridge This is the bridge. From here you can see really far. Let the captain know if you see anything! Like an iceberg or a shark. Or just soak up some fun and listen to the band play.
Pool Deck blows whistle. This is the pool deck. Don't run!. The slides and diving board are open. All puffles must be with their owners!. Have fun and be safe!
Engine Room This is where the Music Cruise... gets its power! See that gauge with the faces?. That shows our power. Go to a station and make music... to power up the ship!
Town Center Surf's up at the Town!. Bust a move at the Shimmy Shack. Get a smoothie before you hit the surf.... ...or shop the latest in beachwear.

Safe Chat Messages

Do you like my song?
I liked your song
Encore! Encore!
Wanna join my band?
I'm dropping my new single
Let's hit the stage!
I'm gonna spin a new track for y'all
We need more power in the Engine Room!
Concert on the Main Stage!


Question Answer
Why are pirates such good singers? They hit the high Cs!
Why is a piano so hard to open? The keys are on the inside!
What makes music on your head? A head band!
What kind of music scares balloons? Pop music!
How do you know when a drummer is at your door? The knocking speeds up!
What was stolen from the music store? The lute!
What do you call a sweet potato playing jazz? A yam session!
Why was the musician arrested? He was in treble!
What's the difference between a guitar and a fish? You can't tuna fish!

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
PortugueseMusic Jam 2014Music Jam 2014
FrenchFête de la Musique 2014Music Party 2014
SpanishFestival de música 2014Music Festival 2014
GermanMusik Festival 2014Music Festival 2014
RussianМузыкальный джем 2014Musical Jam 2014

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