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Music Jam 2014 Schedule
Music Jam 2014 Interface Icon.png
Is it seen right now? No
Type Interface
Party Music Jam 2014
Where? Everywhere

The Music Jam 2014 Schedule was an interface available at the Music Jam 2014. It was available from July 17, 2014 to July 31, 2014, and each day would unlock either a performance or items.


Image Item Type Release date Members only?
Music Cruise Pass clothing icon ID 3211.PNG Music Cruise Pass Neck Item July 18 No
Thrift Shop Style clothing icon ID 24146.PNG Thrift Shop Style Body Item July 18 Yes
Glitter Microphone clothing icon ID 5463.PNG Glitter Microphone Hand Item July 20 No
Puffle Care icons Head drumroll.png Drum Roll Puffle Hat July 20 Yes
Beat Dropper Hat clothing icon ID 1891.PNG Beat Dropper Hat Head Item July 22 No
Beat Dropper Outfit clothing icon ID 24156.PNG Beat Dropper Outfit Body Item July 22 Yes
Girl Next Door Guitar clothing icon ID 5462.PNG Girl Next Door Guitar Hand Item July 24 No
Here Comes Treble clothing icon ID 24154.PNG Here Comes Treble Body Item July 24 Yes
MP3000 Bling Edition clothing icon ID 5461.PNG MP3000 Bling Edition Hand Item July 26 No
Urban Diva Outfit clothing icon ID 24157.PNG Urban Diva Outfit Body Item July 26 Yes


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