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Music Jam T shirt 1.png|On a [[Player Card]].
Music Jam T shirt 1.png|On a [[Player Card]].
Music Jam T-Shirt At Plaza.png|The '''{{PAGENAME}}''' found at the [[Plaza]].
Music Jam T-Shirt At Plaza.png|The '''Music Jam T-Shirt''' found at the [[Plaza]].

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Music Jam T-Shirt
Template-info InformationTemplate-info
Available No
Type Body Item
Member item No
Party Music Jam 2008
Cost Free
Where found Plaza
Item ID 854
Unlockable No
Not to be confused with the Music Jam Shirt.

The Music Jam T-Shirt is a rare body item in Club Penguin. It was available for all players during the Music Jam 2008.


Party Location Available from Available until
Music Jam 2008 Plaza July 25, 2008 August 5, 2008


  • The shirt used to say "Music Jam '08", but during the Music Jam 2009, it was changed to "Music Jam".
  • It is rare since it has not been brought back since 2008.


  • There is currently a glitch where if you click on someone's profile who is wearing the shirt, the words 'Music Jam' are in Russian.


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