My Penguin Release Party
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Members only? No
When May 9, 2013 and May 10, 2013
Free Item(s) Mascot's backgrounds
Location Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) See below

The My Penguin Release Party was an event held on Club Penguin to celebrate the release of the My Penguin app. It was announced on the What's New Blog[1] and hosted for players from the United States and United Kingdom.


Date Time Attendees Notes
May 9, 2013 3pm PST Gary, Aunt Arctic, Cadence, Stompin' Bob, Happy77, Ninja, Spike Hike, Polo Field, Super Sheep and Iwantpizza. Franky was also supposed to appear at the party but he did not come.

On the What's New Blog

Part 1

With news this exciting, we just have to celebrate and if there's one thing Penguin's know best, its how to party!! So this afternoon at 3 pm Penguin Standard Time, join me and the ENTIRE Club Penguin mobile team online for a special celebration for the launch of My Penguin. I've also been told that some of our favorite CP characters and mods will be on the Island to join the fun!! We'll be playing on lots of servers, so let's make this the biggest celebration in CP history!


-Club Penguin Team

UPDATE (1:57 PST) - Some of you are reporting that you cannot login through My Penguin. We're on it and will get it fixed ASAP.

UPDATE (2:40 PST) - We're still digging in on the login issue. It appears that if you quit the app (you may need to stop it by double clicking the home button and removing from the dock) and then restart it. It works correctly. We are still seeing if we can fix on our end. Apologies to those experiencing this.

UPDATE (2:59 PST) - We're all logging on now!! Join the CP mobile team, mods, and Penguin characters on Club Penguin NOW!! I will be on Fog here's some other places to look:

Aunt Arctic - Crystal and Whiteout

Gary - Servers that start with A

Cadence - Zipline

Stompin' Bob - Big Snow and Big Surf

This is gonna be awesome!! Waddle on!!![1]

Part 2

Come join us on Club Penguin for a huge party with the entire Club Penguin Team at 3pm Penguin Standard Time today!

Spike Hike and I have invited as many people as we possibly can to party on the servers Fog, Fjord, Crystal and many more! We're celebrating the release of "My Penguin" on iPad, and all the epic Card-Jitsu stuff that's coming this month! Now everyone can become a Fire Ninja or a Water Ninja, and later this month... Snow Ninjas, too!

Look forward to some of you there. :)

-Club Penguin Team

UPDATE: Thanks for partying with the Club Penguin Team! We should do this again some time. ;)[2]


Date Time Attendees
May 10, 2013 7am PST Daffodaily5, Spike Hike, Aunt Arctic, Cadence, Franky, and Gary.

On the What's New Blog

Part 1


It sounds like yesteday's My Penguin celebration party was pretty epic but unfortunately it was just a little bit late for those of us in the UK! And seeing as so many of you are enjoying the My Penguin app already, I'll be hosting a SECOND party today! And I might just bring a few friends with me...

So if you're in the UK (or anywhere else in the world!) come and join me and the Club Penguin team for a HUGE party on the servers below at 7am Penguin Standard Time (that's 3pm in the UK). I've got a good feeling that Aunt Arctic, Gary, Cadence and Franky will all be making an appearance...




Snow Day

I can't wait to meet you all! Let's make it the most super epic party ever!

-Club Penguin Team[3]

Part 2

The party is now on!! Come and join me and the Club Penguin team for a mega party to celebrate the My Penguin app! It looks like Aunt Arctic, Cadence, Franky and Gary are all online now... and Spike Hike too!

I look forward to seeing you all there!

-Club Penguin Team[4]

Part 3


I just wanted to say thanks to all the players (from the UK and elsewhere) that made it to our epic My Penguin app party celebration! It was loads of fun! On behalf of the whole Club Penguin team, thanks for making it so brill!

I hope you're all loving the My Penguin app as much as we are. Keep dropping that sushi...!

Byeee for now!

-Club Penguin Team[5]


  • Franky was supposed to appear at the USA party, but the servers were not specified. After the party ended, the section of the blog that said that he would come was deleted.
  • This was the first mini party ever in Club Penguin for the release of an app.


Gary spotted

Spike Hike spotted

Happy77 spotted


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