Night Club
Dance Club July 2014

Where At the Town Center
Opened August 22, 2005
Renovated November 1, 2012
Closed March 30, 2017
Mini-games Dance Contest
DJ3K (formerly)
Room ID 120
Tour Description
If you like music and moving, then you'll love the Dance Club! Here you can DJ tunes or bust moves on the floor.

The Night Club (alternatively known as the Dance Club) was a building in the middle of the Town Center. Beneath the Night Club (with the entrance hidden in a speaker) was the Boiler Room. In the Night Club you could play SoundStudio and Dance Contest. On June 26, 2009, a "Game Upgrades" catalog (for DJ3K) was added to the Night Club. The Night Club was one of the oldest rooms in Club Penguin, tracing back to Penguin Chat 3.

The way the music was played in the Night Club has been changed. In Penguin Chat 3 and early Club Penguin a band played there, and was later changed to a small grey DJ set. It was later renovated and they changed the DJ set for the DJ3K in 2008. In November 2012 it was renovated again. On July 17, 2014, the Night Club had a minor update where DJ3K was replaced with SoundStudio, and the DJ3K Game Catalog was removed.


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  • During the Valentine's Day Celebration, the lights on the floor turned red, with a big pink heart in the center of the dance floor. There were some pink balloons around and The Band was playing on a special stage.
  • The dance floor was replaced by a swimming pool during the Summer Party.
  • The exterior of the Night Club looked like a barn during the Western Party. The dance floor was wooden as well.

  • The dance floor was wooden during the Pirate Party 2007.
  • During the Surprise Party, the exterior of the Night Club looked the same as it did during the Western Party
  • During the April Fools' Party 2007, the speakers were cardboard boxes.
  • During the Water Party 2007, the speakers were inflatable, the dance floor was blue and had water shooting out of it (which could be corked by standing on it).
  • During the Fall Fair 2007, the Night Club became a circus tent.
  • During Christmas Party 2007, there was a Christmas tree on the right and 2 gifts. Snowflake decorations were hung from the ceiling. The lights on the floor were white, green, purple, and red.

  • During the Submarine Party, the whole exterior of the Night Club was turned into a Navy Ship. The interior was completely flooded, and the Dance Lounge was a ship's bridge. The Keeper of the Boiler Room was moved to the second floor.
  • During the Water Party 2008, the speakers were inflatable, the dance floor was blue and had water shooting out of it (which could be corked by standing on it).
  • During the April Fools' Party 2008, the Night Club was pixelated. The music was a 8-bit tune similar to the Thin Ice theme.
  • During the Medieval Party 2008, the Night Club was known as the "Knight Club" and the speakers were castle-shaped, the dance floor was like a big chessboard and there was a royal red carpet on the stairs which led to the Dance Lounge.
  • On June 20, 2008 there was an earthquake that destroyed the entire Town. During the earthquake, some of the Night Club's speakers were tumbled over, and cracks in the wall appeared.
  • During the Music Jam 2008, the Night Club had a stage where bands could perform. Before the Music Jam, the stage was built and there was a sign that said "DJs needed soon."
  • During the 3rd Anniversary Party there was a massive 3 next to DJ3K, two poles and the floor had many moving images.
  • During the Halloween Party 2008, there were pumpkins around the room, a refreshment table and a banner.
  • During the Christmas Party 2008, the dance floor's colors changed to two shades of blue, light yellow, purple and white. Snowflakes also hung from the roof. Despite being inside, the speakers had icicles and a snowman was inside.

  • During the Puffle Party 2011, the room had purple balloons and also Purple Puffle balloons. There were some bubbles floating, and there were some purple puffles dancing. Plus, the dance floor turned purple.
  • During the April Fools' Party 2011, the Keeper of the Boiler Room was replaced by a black Puffle, the speakers turned into boxes, there was a banner saying "April Fools!", the dance floor was from PONG and the entrance to the Boiler Room was located in the left speaker instead of the right.
  • During the Medieval Party 2011, the Night Club turned into the "Knight Club", there were some torches hanging, and the dance floor turned into a checkered floor
  • During the Music Jam 2011, it was the same as other years; there was a neon sign saying "DJ3K", there were some spotlights, the dance floor has changed, and there were some balloons with some musical signs.
  • During the Island Adventure Party 2011, it was the same as the Island Adventure Party 2010 and other Adventure Parties; there was a penguin statue with a Red Hawaiian Lei and there were some tiki masks in the wall.
  • During The Fair 2011, there was a neon sign saying "Dance Contest" which it was indicating it to the game Dance Contest with Cadence over there, another neon sign of a penguin playing DJ3K, the dance floor changed each time and the neon signs were animated
  • During the Halloween Party 2011, there was a spider hanging, some pumpkins laying over there, some Halloween Lights hanging there, the Keeper of the Boiler Room wore a black mask and there was a giant pumpkin carved surrounding the DJ table.
  • During the Card-Jitsu Party, the dance floor had the Fire Symbol and there was lava underneath the dance floor, the speakers turned into stones, a gong was located over here with the DJ Table and there were some Bonsai Trees spotted here.
  • During the Holiday Party 2011, the dance floor was similar as the Holiday Party 2009 and the Holiday Party 2010, only that there was a green carpet over it, a train was over there and many presents were located over here.

  • During the 10th Anniversary Party, the Night Club was decorated the same way as it was during the Summer Party, with the addition of a speaker box, which replaced a crate. The Dance Contest table and poster were also added to compensate for its addition since the party, and the DJ table gained SoundStudio functionality. The Water Wings were removed, and the ship wheel on the wall and an added blue bar below displayed images and usernames of players, for SoundStudio.
  • During the Halloween Party 2015, the Dance Club was decorated the same way as the Halloween Party 2013, with the Keeper of the Boiler Room having its new look and a SoundStudio booth replaced the DJ3K booth. Because of that, there was a screen displaying images and usernames of players.


  • On January 29, 2010, the Night Club received an update where if a certain amount of penguins were in the Night Club, the lighting would change, spinning lights and a disco ball would appear. If there were more than 30 penguins, the lights in the room would change to whatever color was worn most. This feature was removed after the room was renovated.
  • Although there was music playing in the room since it opened, it was removed temporarily in early 2006 to reduce lag.


Graphical designs

Dance floor lighting

As mentioned in trivia above, if a certain amount of players were present in the room, the Night Club would change to either "party" mode, "disco" mode, or "rave" mode. In rave mode, the colors of the lights would change according to the predominantly worn color by penguins in the room. This feature was added on January 29, 2010, and was removed on November 1, 2012, when the room was updated.



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Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseDance Club
RussianНочной клуб


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