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Night of the Living Sled I
Genre Horror
Length 0:34
Season Night of the Living Sled series
Characters Living Sled Penguins, Living Sled, Evil Scientist
Series Night of the Living Sled
Release Date October 26, 2007

Night of the Living Sled is the first part of the series with the same name. It could first be seen at the Lighthouse during the Halloween Party 2007. It later appeared at the Halloween Party 2008 where it could be seen at the Dance Lounge. It could also be seen at the Coffee Shop at the Halloween Party 2009, 2010, 2011 and Halloween Party 2012, and the Lighthouse again at the Halloween Party 2013.


The Title.


The scene lights up. One can see a penguin in a graduation hat. Pulling a switch, the scientist zaps a toboggan with their machine. Rising from the table, they let out an evil laugh. "BWA HA HA! IT'S ALIVE!" The camera cuts to outside, where the sled is hopping around, terrorizing two penguins. One runs off screaming "AAAAAAHHH!", while the other uses the Surprised emote. The movie ends.


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