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Night of the Living Sled III
Genre Horror
Length 2:11
Season Night of the Living Sled series
Characters Living Sled Penguins, Living Sled
Series Night of the Living Sled
Release Date October 27, 2009

Night of the Living Sled 3 is the third and newest installment of the Night of the Living Sled series.


The scene lights up. The two penguins run through Ski Village, still being chased by the Sled. They decide to run to the top of the Ski Hill, believing that they will lose it there. "Now we'll be safe." says one penguin. "OH NO! It's the sled!!" the other points and screams. The first penguin looks over, surprised, but it's shown to just be the Sled Racing catalog, which they smugly tell the other. "Not that sled. The other one!" they say, pointing again. The camera shifts to show the Living Sled standing next to the toboggan. "Hurry! Let's escape on those tubes!" says the first penguin. They both get onto the tubes, sledding down the hill. "Now we'll get away for sure!" the second penguin declares. The first points up the hill and says "It's right behind us!" The camera pans to show the Living Sled sliding down the hill. The first penguin shouts "Look out for that rock!". The camera zooms out to show a rock near the end of the track. The two penguins dodge it, but the Sled does not, and it is knocked off the ground. "Did you see that? We got away!" says one of the penguins. The other is shown yelling, before they both crash into a snowbank. The subtitles say "Look out for that..." They both pop out of the top, the same penguin spitting out some snow, before finishing "... pile of snow." The other looks around. "Hey! We did it! We got away from the sled!" they cheer. The first penguin smiles, saying "You're right! I'm so happy!" They both laugh, until the Sled pops out of the snow behind them. The movie ends.


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