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Night of the Living Sled IV
Genre Horror
Length 1:53
Season Night of the Living Sled series
Characters Living Sled Penguins, Living Sled, Evil Scientist
Series Night of the Living Sled
Release Date October 21, 2011 (animatic on YouTube).

During the Halloween Party 2011, a main menu for the films were made on YouTube, also with bloopers, documentary and a certain storyboard version of a sequel to a film series we all know. It is also a possibility that there will be three more Night of the Living Sled films, for a total of six films.


The scene lights up. The camera pans over to the Evil Scientist, looking sad. They sigh. "My sled never came back. I wonder if it's ok?" they say. Suddenly, there's knocking on their door. They smile, before being surprised at the sight of the penguins from the prior movies bursting in. "Help! There's a sled chasing us outside!" one of them shouts. The scientist smiles once more. "A sled! I want to see!" they say excitedly. They poke their head out the door, their face falling. They look at the Sled, aghast. They press their back to the wall. "It's scarier than I thought! they exclaim, "We have to destroy it!" The scientist then pushes a button to seal the door shut, and walks over to their lab from the original film. "This machine can deactivate the sled." they explain, and use a remote control to retract the table into the floor. It now has a large "X" on it. "We have to get the sled on this X." One of the penguins asks "But what will we use for bait?" The other two both look at them. "No! Not me! What about you?" they glare at their friend, who shakes their head. The two penguins then look to the scientist, who is shocked. "No way! It's too dangerous!" they protest. The scientist thinks for a moment, before coming up with an idea. "I know what to do!" they say. The camera then cuts to them putting a bucket with a face on top of Java Bag. It zooms out, showing the completed dummy. "We can use this for bait!" the scientist explains. The camera pans to the side, where one of the two penguins stand. "This will definitely work! What do you think?" They look to their side, where the other stands, as the camera continues to pan. "I think it's perfect! How about you?" they ask, looking to their side, before doing a double take. The Sled is standing right next to them! All three of them scream in shock and run away, the sled following. The movie ends.


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