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The first Notice Board in the Captain's Quarters.

The Notice Board (also known as the Corkboard or Message-Board) was located on a center wall in the Captain's Quarters. It showed messages and photos taken by Captain Rockhopper, as well as his to-do list. The board was updated every time he visited Club Penguin.

The notice board often contained information about events that were currently taking place; usually ones that Rockhopper prepared or is involved with, and essentially continues from the point where Rockhopper's journal ended.

Temporary removal

When Rockhopper made a visit for the 2015 Holiday Party, the notice board had been replaced with a painting of the migrator, and had remained there for the entire party. It appeared again during Holiday Party 2016.

When the 2016 party ended, and as the Club Penguin Island Party began, the notice board was brought back, but with its April 2014 content, instead of a new content that fits the current events of the game.

Past Notice Boards

  • The first notice board showed a thank you from Rockhopper to all penguins who helped rebuild his ship during Save the Migrator Project.
  • The second notice board showed Rockhopper's To-Do List.
  • The third notice board was a to-do list and included a Postcard from the former stowaway, Bambadee.
  • The fourth notice board for the Christmas Party 2008 had a wish list of what Rockhopper wanted for Christmas.
  • The fifth notice board showed Rockhopper's To-Do list.
  • The sixth notice board showed Rockhopper's To-Do list, most of it being about his plants also.
  • The seventh notice board showed the things Rockhopper needed to remember, most of it being about his puffle, called Yarr.
  • The eighth notice board showed another to-do list, with the last instruction covered in paw prints. It should say "Find the buried treasures!"



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