Nyan Puffle
Genre Music
Length 1:21
Season None
Characters Plok
Series None
Release Date July 7, 2011

Nyan Puffle (A.K.A Rainbow Puffle???) is a video by Club Penguin. It was posted in YouTube, and was later posted on the What's New Blog by Happy77, under the title "Puffle Video for Fun". It features Plok, the Orange Puffle from the Box Dimension.


  • It is a spoof of "Nyan Cat", a viral video of a cat with the body of a Poptart flying across space to the Japanese song 'Nyanyanyanya' (but it is not heard in the video for copyright reasons).
  • This was in Dubstep Puffle video for a few seconds, but Dubstep replaces Plok.



Nyan Puffle

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