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Is it seen right now? No
Type Food
Party Puffle Party 2015
Where? Puffle Wild level

The O'Berries found in Puffle Wild are special O'Berries known to be exclusive to the aforementioned app. They come in various shapes and sizes along with a multitude of colors. They are used Puffle Wild to advance through levels.

Star O'Berries are also used to access new areas in Puffle Wild, and are gained if you reach a certain score at the end of each level.


O'Berries make special Blasters in the game Puffle Wild. These Blasters will help you reach your goal. If you never popped the Blasters after you are out of movements or time, they will still pop automatically. The Blasters are:

  • 4 in a row: This Blaster will pop all berries vertically or horizontally.
  • 5 in a row: This will make a Super Blaster, that will pop a large range around it.
  • L or T shape: This Blaster will pop all berries around it.
  • Multiple Blasters: If you mix two Blasters together, they will make a Blaster which will combine those powers and trigger automatically.
    • Combining two regular Blasters will combine the directions they pop. If both Blasters would pop the same row or column, two rows/columns are popped.
    • Combining a regular Blaster with a Super Blaster will cause all O'Berries that are the same color as the Regular Blaster to turn into Blasters.
    • Combining two Super Blasters will pop all O'Berries on the board.

O'Berries in Puffle Wild

Berry name Icon Corresponding Puffles
Blue O'Berry Blue berry icon.png Blue Puffle, Blue Triceratops Puffle, Blue Border Collie, Blue Raccoon Puffle, Blue Deer Puffle
Pink O'Berry Pink berry icon.png Pink Puffle, Pink Stegosaurus Puffle, Pink Raccoon Puffle, Pink Rabbit Puffle
Black O'Berry Black berry icon.png Black Puffle, Black T-Rex Puffle, Black Deer Puffle
Green O'Berry Green berry icon.png Green Puffle, Green Raccoon Puffle, Green Rabbit Puffle
Purple O'Berry Purple berry icon.png Purple Puffle, Purple T-Rex Puffle, Purple Deer Puffle, Ghost Puffle
Red O'Berry Red berry icon.png Red Puffle, Red Triceratops Puffle, Red Rabbit Puffle, Red Deer Puffle
Yellow O'Berry Yellow berry icon.png Yellow Puffle, Yellow Stegosaurus Puffle, Yellow Unicorn Puffle
White O'Berry White berry icon.png White Puffle, Snowman Puffle, White Rabbit Puffle
Orange O'Berry Orange berry icon.png Orange Puffle, Orange Tabby Cat, Orange Raccoon Puffle
Brown O'Berry Brown berry icon.png Brown Puffle
Rainbow O'Berry Rainbow berry icon.png Rainbow Puffle
Golden O'Berry Gold berry icon.png Gold Puffle
Star O'Berry Berry icon.png N/A, used to unlock new areas



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