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O' Berry
O-Berry Pin
Serving temperature Room temperature
Main ingredients None (Natural fruit)
Consumed by Puffles, Puffle Handler, Sam the Sasquatch
For the puffle food, see Puffle-O's. For the golden version of the fruit, see Gold O'berry.

O' Berries are a fruit species native to Club Penguin Island. They have been seen in the wild growing on bushes, and are wild Puffles' main food source. They date back to medieval times. Different types have been seen, including purple and gold O'berries. They are the main ingredient in Puffle-Os, a popular type of Puffle Food. They have a spicy, bitter flavor, and thus aren't usually eaten by penguins, with the exception of PH.

Involvement in Missions[]

O-Berry Bush

An O-Berry Bush from a mission

  • Mission 2- You have to gain a Black Puffle's trust by feeding it O' Berries. Feeding it another O' Berry later in the mission also allows you to start a fire.
  • Mission 6- The agent must use the scissors in their Spy Phone to cut down a bag of O' Berries that was tied up in a tree. They can then use them to feed the same hungry Black Puffle from Mission #2. Later, the player must throw an O' Berry through the pet-door to Herbert's Base, so that the puffle will chase after it and unlock the door from the inside. Once the player has been trapped, they must throw the berries onto parts of the Cage Lift so the puffle can free them. They also learn that giving an O' Berry dipped in hot sauce to a black puffle can be dangerous.

Gold O'berries[]

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Golden O' Berries were first seen at the Medieval Party 2013 as a secret potion ingredient. Perplexed by them, Gary gave the seeds to PH so she could study them. On November 1, 2013, their findings were published in the Club Penguin Times. It was discovered by the Puffle Handler that once a puffle ate them, they would start digging up gold nuggets. Once enough gold was collected, players could power the golden jackhammer in the Gold Mine and adopt a Gold Puffle.



O' Berries are used in a plethora of different ways. It is the main ingredient in Puffle-Os, and can be fed fresh to puffles as well. They also have a more exotic usage in Penguin diets. There are also O' Berry bars, which Pete likes to consume. It has been revealed that there is a special type of O' Berry Coffee that PH enjoys drinking. Purple and Gold O' Berries are also used in Potions.


  • O' Berries are edible to penguins, as proven by Rookie in Mission 3 in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, but they do not taste very good. He said, "I had to wash the taste of these berries out of my mouth. It felt like it was on fire."
    • In fact, O' Berries are "bitter and spicy", as mentioned in the Club Penguin Times Edition #244, as well as in the sixth Pick Your Path book, Before Card-Jitsu: The Ninja Quest, where the reader encounters several O' Berry bushes while exploring the island.
  • Unlike most penguins, PH often eats O' Berries.
  • Puffle-O's in the new puffle interface are shown as O' Berries.
  • When combined with hot sauce, O' Berries will set on fire but not burn. If this fiery or spicy O' Berry is fed to a black puffle, it will set the black puffle on a more intense fire than normal. This can be witnessed in a PSA Mission 6: Questions for a Crab.
  • They function as coins in the games Puffle Launch and Pufflescape.
  • In the Club Penguin short, Captain Rockhopper vs. Mighty Squid, if you look closely at Yarr's picture during his funeral, you'll see that the wreath around the picture has O' Berries in it.
  • The O' Berries in PSA Mission 2 are on a bush.
  • An O' Berry tree could be seen in at the Hunting Spot and the Yuck Swamp during Prehistoric Party 2014.
  • The Red and Blue O' Berries are both similar to real berries.
  • Despite their name, O-berries from Puffle Wild are not all shaped like O's.


Types of O-Berries[]

Puffle Wild O'Berries[]

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