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Offline Mode is a feature of Club Penguin Island that allows the game to still be played following its closure on December 20, 2018. Because the game is played offline, it can only natively be played as a single-player game and lacks various multiplayer-only features. However, through a private server, the game can be made to function online. It also features a Debug Mode.

Offline Mode has been accessible since midnight in PST on December 21, 2018.[1]

Inaccessible features

These features are not accessible in Offline Mode.

  • The friend list and Island News Blog buttons on the CPI Phone are removed, and their features can no longer be accessed. This also makes it impossible to access other player's igloos, despite the igloo list still being on the map. However, the blog button appears again if the Network tool in Debug Mode is used.
  • Daily Challenges are removed from the CPI Phone.
  • Some games, those being Marble Hunt, Ink or Swim, Fossil Four, and Team Dance Battle, cannot be played, due to each requiring two or more players.
    • The supplies for activating the three Party Games can still be used, but the games cannot be initiated, as another player is required to do so. In Team Dance Battle's case, the screen for the game in Island Central is permanently inactive.
    • The Crate Co. target game can also not be played, despite not being a multiplayer game.
  • The catalog button is removed from the Clothing Customizer, making it impossible to submit or buy clothing.

Additional features

These features are only accessible in Offline Mode.

  • The Data and Network directories of Debug Mode can be accessed.
  • The chat filter is non-existent, so any message the player sends will be displayed. Sending inappropriate messages does not result in any warnings, kicks, or bans.
  • If the plaque in Island Central, near the path to Beacon Boardwalk, is interacted with, it allows the player to toggle between the normal appearance of the island and its appearance during the Waddle On Party. It also allows the credits to be viewed.

Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Modo off-line
French Mode hors ligne
Spanish Modo sin conexión
German N/A
Russian N/A