Old Blue
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Available No
Type Color
Member item No
Party None
Cost N/A
Where found N/A
Item ID N/A
Unlockable No

Old Blue was a dummy color, featured only in Penguin Chat 3. It was not part of Club Penguin, but could appear as a result of some glitches. Some images of penguins in the game also used Old Blue.

Color Values

Color value
2E47AA 46, 71, 170 227, 72, 66
Shadow value
172355 23, 35, 85 228, 73, 33



  • Contrary to popular belief, Old Blue was not an obtainable color in Penguin Chat 3. Like it was in Club Penguin, it was also a test color, you would turn Old Blue in Penguin Chat 3 when dancing and using the construction hat.
  • It was used for tutorials of Club Penguin as a color for animated penguins.
  • Gary used to be depicted as Old Blue in artwork, but was changed to regular Blue.
  • Before CPIP, the penguins in the room would be Old Blue while loading.
  • There used to be a glitch that when you danced with the Green Hoodie, you would turn Old Blue and your shoes would disappear.
  • It was a type of Cerulean blue.
  • In Club Penguin's video for The Journey, the penguin along with the 3 moderators was Old Blue.
  • Old Blue was often used as an example color when penguins were shown or used in tutorials.
  • Bernie was Old Blue.
  • Old Blue was very old, as it was the only color for Experimental Penguins, Penguin Chat and Penguin Chat 3, and it was kept in Club Penguin in various glitches, tutorials, etc.
  • When you visited Club Penguin during the Medieval Party 2013 for the first time, Gary's sprite's color would be Old Blue.
  • Sergei from We Wish You a Merry Walrus was Old Blue.
  • A similar color is available in Club Penguin Island.


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