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Operation: Blackout

Members only? No
When November 14 – December 6, 2012
Free Item(s) See Free items
Location Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) Herbert P. Bear and Rookie

Operation: Blackout was an Elite Penguin Force event that began on November 14, 2012 and ended on December 6, 2012, even though it was originally planned to end on December 4. Rumors had already started in 2011 due to the 'Behind the Scenes' video by Club Penguin containing footage of an employee working on a computer with big, black bold letters on the screen saying Operation: Blackout.[1] On October 11, 2012, Polo Field indirectly teased the event on his personal Club Penguin blog, posting about listening to a track that the team was working on for November.[2] The event was confirmed on Herbert's, Polo Field's and Billybob's Twitter accounts.[3] Operation: Blackout was the first time Herbert made an appearance as a mascot.


Operation: Blackout came to be as result of a misinterpretation from leaked image and fan's interest in more EPF content.

In late 2010, a Club Penguin staff member took a picture of a whiteboard with a roadmap from the Club Penguin Headquarters for content for the first half of 2011 and uploaded it online. This image was later leaked, and players found it and posted it on fan-blogs. Included in the image, on the whiteboard, under June 2011, was writing that read "'Blackout' 2 weeks". This was meant to be a break period for developers, where for those two weeks, there would be no updates to the game's client. Players speculated about what "Blackout" could mean, and staff took notice.

A few months later, while Businesmoose was working on a behind the scenes video for office tours, Polo Field thought it would be a good idea to reference the "Blackout" rumor in the video, and a mock mission script was made, which ended up shown on screen during the video, along with scrapped character Clawdius. It was widely noticed by players, and many mentioned it in emails sent to Club Penguin support.

For a long time after this, the team did not do anything relating to the concept. Eventually, however, due to the large amount of interest from players, the team eventually decided to make the "Blackout" concept a reality as both an EPF mission and a party.[4]



On November 8, Club Penguin Times Issue #368 reported that Gary the Gadget Guy was missing and that evidence suggested he may have been kidnapped (by Herbert, as first revealed in the Club Penguin: Operation Blackout Official Trailer). Field-Ops went offline. The EPF went on Red Alert.

Herbert's plan

Herbert's plans consisted of taking over Club Penguin Island, ruling the island as the Dictatorship 'Club Herbert' and capturing every class leading EPF agent (consisting of G, Dot, Jet Pack Guy, Rookie and The Director of the EPF). The Blackout consisted of Herbert blocking the sun and stealing its energy to keep himself warm, using the Solar Laser (also known as the High Frequency Infrared Reversion Laser) he had created, which was located inside his fortress. Herbert utilized a feature of his new solar laser, to use it as an energy blast weapon (powered by energy the laser had absorbed from the sun) to destroy the Everyday Phoning Facility (this also caused the consequential destruction of parts of the EPF Command Room). Due to Herbert keeping heat from the sun from reaching the island for an ever-increasing time, the island and it's inhabitants were suffering from a vast increase of snowfall and a rapidly decreasing overall temperature. Ordered by The Director of the EPF to put a stop to Herbert's scheme, EPF Agents broke into Herbert's fortress to save the island and its inhabitants from Herbert, his plan, and total destruction. Herbert used his plans to take out revenge on the EPF and freeze their leaders (presumably along with you, the player, as there was one last empty containment chamber left among all the other leaders' chambers), who had previously frozen him in Operation: Hibernation. Due to Herbert's plans of capturing and freezing The Director of the EPF, this enabled him to use this arisen opportunity to find out the true identity of the mysterious leader.


When the Blackout had begun, EPF Agents received the Spy Tablet. The Director of the EPF used these tablets to communicate to agents their briefing and orders.

Chapter 1

On November 15 when the Blackout had started, EPF agents were briefed and ordered by The Director of the EPF to infiltrate Herbert's Base. Agents were provided with disguises to sneak into Herbert's Fortress and slip through his defenses. The agents located Security Terminal 1 and bypassed it.

Chapter 2

On November 16, agents received the Grappling Hook, which they used to pull a lever inside Sector 1 and open the doorway that was blocked. The agents located Security Terminal 2 and bypassed it.

Chapter 3

On November 18, agents received the Plasma Laser, which they used to cut through another blocked doorway to access Sector 2. Afterwards, the agents located and bypassed Security Terminal 3. Around this time, previously, Dot had been captured and frozen in the containment chamber that was the 2nd to the direct right of Gary's.

Chapter 4

On November 20, agents received the Deflection Vest, which they used to evade a laser security system. Afterwards, the agents located Security Terminal 4 and bypassed it. Around this time, previously, Rookie had also recently been captured and frozen in the containment chamber directly below Dot's.

Chapter 5

On November 22, agents received the Smoke Goggles, which they used to see through a smoke screen and infiltrate another area of Sector 2, which contained Security Terminal 5. After the agents breached the smoke screen, they located and bypassed Security Terminal 5. Around this time, previously, Jet Pack Guy had been captured by crabs and frozen in the containment chamber directly below Gary's.

Chapter 6

Around the time of Dot, Rookie and Jet Pack Guy's capture, The Director of the EPF's identity had been discovered by Herbert. On November 24, The Director of the EPF was captured and frozen in the containment chamber between Gary's on the left and Dot's on the right. Agents received the Anti Lava Boots, which they used to walk across the lava pit inside Central Lock Down and enter Herbert's HQ. After the player had bypassed the final Security Terminal, which was inside Herbert HQ, this caused the High Frequency Infrared Reversion Laser to self-destruct, and was consequently destroyed.

Finale and Aftermath

All the captured agents were freed. Penguins around the island rejoiced and the sun revealed itself, finally free from the clutches of the Solar Laser. Herbert, upon discovering that the Solar Laser had been destroyed and of his defeat, yelled in dismay. The Director congratulated you for freeing Club Penguin from Herbert and his Dictatorship, and revealed their true identity to be Aunt Arctic. After the captured agents were freed, Rookie became a meetable character for the rest of the event. At some point after the Blackout ended, Herbert retrieved the destroyed Solar Laser.

Afterwards, Herbert ended up using the destroyed remains of the Solar Laser to create the Hot Sauce 3000, this revolving around the plotline of Operation: Hot Sauce.

Free items

For items obtainable from the mission interface, see here.
Image Item Type Location Members only?
Clothing Icons 9173.png Herbert's Giveaway Background Background By meeting Herbert No
Rookie'sApril'sFoolsPartyBackgroundIcon.png Rookie's Giveaway Background By meeting Rookie No
Herbert Security Clearance 6 Pin icon.png Herbert Security Clearance Pin Pin Sector 1, Sector 2, Herbert HQ No
Furniture Icons 923.png Covert Agent Station Furniture Herbert HQ No


  • In Issue #365 of the Club Penguin Times, Herbert P. Bear asked how to build a high frequency infrared reversion laser, which he would then use to blackout Club Penguin Island, using the name "Hubert P. Enguin" to fool Gary to get the answer on how to build it.
  • Herbert was technically a dictator during this event, having taken over the entire island and making undesirable laws. Before this, it was unknown what the government of Club Penguin Island was, if any.
  • This is the first time Herbert was meetable in-game.
  • Club Penguin had been working on Operation: Blackout since 2010 and it was supposed to be held in 2011 after Operation: Hibernation. It was postponed to 2012.
  • Herbert's website ( was updated through the event, and the last thing he said was "YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE LAST OF ME", hinting his return.
  • When came out, there was a picture of Gary and Dot, the top two on Herbert's to capture list, taped to the wall and some penguins believed that they were captured. Then a picture of Rookie was added and it was believed that he was also captured. (This rumor proved to be false due to the update of and Rookie appeared in the Club Penguin Times issue #368)
  • During the operation, players were not able to take the test to become an EPF agent due to the Everyday Phoning Facility being destroyed. Players who tried to take the test during this were automatically enlisted into the EPF.
  • At the Beach and Dock, there was a Snow Trekker-like vehicle carrying supplies.
  • The clouds during the blackout look like the Storm from the Halloween Parties.
  • This party set a Club Penguin record, with 1.8 million penguins logged on November 24, 2012, the largest amount of penguins logged in at a specific time.[5]
  • Rookie made official appearances during the last few days of Operation: Blackout.
  • The last capsule at Herbert's Fortress was completely empty, but it was revealed to be for you. Herbert mentions in the newspaper that the crabs must capture you, or his plan would fail. He also says that you are as dangerous as The Director. This turns out to be true, as when you arrive at the Herbert HQ, you are allowed to fill the empty spot.
  • The tagline for this party is similar to the tagline for the Future Party.

Glitches during the party

  • There was a glitch when the party first came out where in the Paradise played the Holiday Party music instead of its own music.
  • Even though the VR Room had been closed due to the fire of the Tube Transport, it could still be accessed normally with the link and you could still play the PSA Missions.
  • You could still play PSA missions by using the link above. It would not ban your penguin.
  • There was a glitch where you could enter the main command room and also a glitch where you could see Terminal 5.
  • The website was not updated when the other four agents were captured, while when Gary was captured it was updated. This has been fixed.
  • There has been a glitch when Club Penguin was updated for the snowstorm, everyone got a free Membership. But it only lasted 10 minutes. But it was confirmed that every time the island gets updated, the same thing will happen.
  • There was a glitch where you could defeat Herbert before November 24. You could also see the High Frequency Infrared Reversion Laser destroyed and the skies blue.
  • There was a glitch that when you were in the underground HQ, and opened the catalog, trying to buy something, it said: Would you like to buy undefined for undefined coins? You currently have [your number of coins]. That glitch was fixed.
  • There was also a glitch that allowed you to access a terminal without getting the next item.
  • The operation steps could not be seen, so they could not get the free items and complete them. The glitch was later fixed.
  • There was a glitch that allowed you to get to the Herbert HQ and, therefore, defeat Herbert early.


Sneak Peeks


Login Screens

Log off Screens


All phases

November 15–17

November 18–21

November 22–23

November 24 to 29 - December 5

This phase only occurred for players when they destroyed the Solar Laser, which could be done at any date after November 24, until the operation ended. However, the sky would be bright for all players after the 29th, regardless if they completed the operation, or were an agent or not.



Club Herbert Times News

Real Life


Club Herbert Rooms

When the Blackout began and Herbert became Dictator over Club Penguin, he re-calibrated the tour guide information. The new information and names were as follows:

Place Name New Name Tour Guide
Town Town Place Welcome to Herbert Tours. Herbert has written everything I say because he's so smart and awesome. This is the Town Place. It has a statue of Herbert now. Pretty cool if you ask me.
Coffee Shop Coffee Store Welcome to the Coffee Store. Herbert says penguins drink too much coffee, so from now on, only carrot juice will be served. Feel free to play all games to play here. But do not have fun. Fun is outlawed.
Book Room Newsroom Up here is the Newsroom. Herbert says the newspaper is awesome now that he is writing it himself. Please send him any questions you have, because Herbert is really smart and strong... sigh.
Night Club Noisy Club Here we have the Noisy Club. Herbert says this place plays music too loud, so loud music is now forbidden here. Please feel free to dance and mix music, but do it quietly!
Arcade Video Game Room This is the Video Game Room? Herbert says that arcades are silly. And waste precious time that should be spent on concocting evil plans. But if you're gonna to play anyway, Herbert recommends setting a time limit. About 35 seconds should do.
Gift Shop Shop of Gifts Welcome to the Shop of Gifts. Herbert recently improved the catalog by posing with some of the items. 100% of the profits go to the Herbert Fund.
Dock Dock Encampment Welcome to the Dock encampment. A care center has been set up for puffles that are lost, cold, or sick from the Blackout. Please help out if you have a moment. Herbert avoids this place, he doesn't like puffles!
Beach Herbert Beach Here we have Herbert Beach. Though without the sun, it will be hard to get tan. MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!
Lighthouse Lighthouse Hospital This is the Lighthouse Hospital. We're pretty sure Herbert doesn't know that place exists. Anyone who is sick or injured can come here, or if you need a safe place to get warm. Will this blackout never end?
Beacon Giant Lightbulb Up there is the Giant Lightbulb. It's actually getting more use these days, now that Herbert stole all the sunlight. It must stay on, to make sure no boats crash here. Soon it, might be the only light left on the island.
Ski Village Snow Town Here we have the Snow Town. Pay no attention to the building on fire. That's just the former base of the Elite Penguin Force. It was disguised as an Everyday Phoning Facility. Wait! That spells EPF too! I just got that!
Everyday Phoning Facility The Entrance to EPF This WAS the entrance to EPF, but Herbert showed THEM who's boss! Feel free to warm yourself by the fire, which Herbert has graciously provided.
EPF Command Room HQ for the Elite Penguin Failures Voila! This is the HQ for the Elite Penguin Failures! They tried to stop Herbert many times, but Herbert was WAY too smart and strong and talented, and cool and strong, and now they're gone. MWA HA HA!
Ski Lodge Herbert's Cabin Welcome to Herbert's Cabin. Herbert originally wanted to cut it down to provided much needed campfires for everyone. But ever since he took over the island, he's decided to keep as it is. Isn't Herbert a nice guy?
Lodge Attic Storage Room Welcome to the Storage Room. Herbert finds this place a little creepy. Like, what's up with that rocking horse? It's WAY too big. It doesn't make sense. Creepy.
Ski Hill Herbert Mountain Here we have the top of Herbert Mountain. Herbert recently renamed it as his own honor. It used to be called the Ski Mountain, even though no one ever skis here. Herbert Mountain is a way cooler name.
Dojo Courtyard Ninja Restaurant Behold the Ninja Restaurant. Herbert doesn't like to eat here, because he heard that they serve fish and he's a strict vegetarian. Hopefully it will close down soon.
Dojo Ninja Palace Welcome to Ninja Palace. Herbert doesn't know much about ninjas because he's pretty sure they don't exist. So this place must be imaginary. You have a great imagination!
Ninja Hideout N/A I have no idea what this room is. Herbert didn't provide any notes on it. So, I guess it's safe to say whatever I want. Herbert is mean!
Iceberg Iceberg This is the Iceberg. Herbert thinks icebergs are unreliable and prone to tipping over, so please watch your step.
Snow Forts Snowball Fight Room Here we have the Snowball Fight Room. Herbert would like to remind everyone that it is illegal to throw snowballs at him. Anyone who does may be frozen.
Stadium Herbert Stadium This is Herbert Stadium. Herbert has plans to tear it down and build a giant amusement park for crabs only. No penguins allowed.
Plaza Plaza This is the Plaza. Here you'll find the best pizzeria on the island, a wonderful Stage production, starring Herbert, and a stinky place full of puffles. Herbert recommends avoiding the Pet Shop, because puffles are really annoying.
Pet Shop Pet Shop This is the Pet Shop. Herbert thinks that puffles are really annoying, so he doesn't visit here very often. He plans on outlawing puffles soon and replacing them with pet rocks. Won't that be fun?
Stage Stage Shh! Be quiet! This is the Stage, which is currently showing a play about Herbert. Please find a seat and watch in awe. Flash photography is encouraged.
Pizza Parlor Pizzeria Here we have the Pizzeria! Herbert recommends the seaweed vegetarian pizza. In fact when Herbert gets the chance, he'll be outlawing all other kinds of pizzas. So enjoy the Fish Dish pizza while you can.
Forest Herbert Forest This is Herbert Forest. Did you know that Herbert planted ALL these trees? It's true! And each one has a special name. That one is named Barky, and that one is Barky 2. Isn't Herbert a great guy?
Cove Swimming Hole This is the Swimming Hole. Herbert says that swimming is bad for you, like when you get water in your ears. Isn't that super duper annoying? So swimming is outlawed.
Mine Shack Tool Shed Here we have the Tool Shed. Herbert plans to turn it into a spa for polar bears. So if you're a polar bear... Umm... Good for you?
Mine MINE Welcome to the MINE... it's now called the MINE because when Herbert saw it, he said "THIS IS MINE". So please stay out.
Cave Mine Dark Cave This is the Dark Cave. The light generator was designed by Herbert, who donated it but never got credit. But that's okay. Herbert is chill about it, especially now that he's Illustrious Leader Supreme. Yay Herbert.
Hidden Lake Herbert Cave This is Herbert Cave. Enjoy it while you can. Herbert plans to turn it into a seaweed storage room. Sorry mermaids!
Underwater Klutzy Reef Welcome to Klutzy Reef. When Herbert took over the island, he gave this room to Klutzy. Which was really nice of Herbert, because Herbert is really nice.
Underground Pool N/A This next bit of info is written by Klutzy... ahem... click click clickty click! Ka-click click click clickety clickey click!
Boiler Room Boiler Room This is one of the best rooms on the island, so welcome to the Boiler Room! This place is pretty quiet and warm, which are Herbert's two favorite things! Enjoy!
Box Dimension Barf Place The first time Herbert saw this place, he got dizzy and barfed, So this is now known as the Barf Room, and Herbert will no longer be visiting here.

Herbert Chat

Three cheers for Herbert!
Herbert is awesome!
Let's go to Herbert's Party!
I'm so glad Herbert is our leader!
I wish I was a polar bear...
Shh! We need to be quiet for Herbert.
Yuck! There's meat on this pizza!
Let's go see Herbert's play at the Stage.
Tell us a story, Herbert.


Question Answer
Why do polar bears have fur coats? Because Hawaiian shirts are too cold.
Why shouldn't you take a polar bear to the zoo? Because it would rather go to the movies.
What's the difference between a polar bear and a mailbox? If you don't know, you aren't very observant.
How do you stop a polar bear from charging? Ask politely.
Why are polar bears big and furry? If they were small and smooth, they'd be snowballs.
What do you get if you cross a polar bear and some seaweed? A polar bear!
How does a polar bear stop a DVD? He presses the pause button.
What do you call a polar bear with ice skates? A roller bear.
What did the polar bear eat after the dentist fixed its teeth? A nice salad.