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Operation: Crustacean
Operation Crustacean logo.png

Members only? No
When November 18, 2015 – February 3, 2016
Free Item(s) See free items
Location Club Penguin Island, UFO
Mascot(s) Rookie

Operation: Crustacean was an Elite Penguin Force operation in Club Penguin, which began on November 18, 2015. Although originally set to end on December 2, the plot was carried into 2016 and the operation ended on February 3, 2016.


After the Halloween Party 2015, a UFO was sighted to have been abducting penguins and giving them Tinfoil Hats. Around this time Klutzy, the friend and partner of Club Penguin's villainous polar bear, Herbert, went missing. To investigate the disappearances of the penguins, the Elite Penguin Force decided to start an investigation to find the manner of these abductions; all the while using the Extreme Paint Festival as a cover for their base of operations: Area 501.

Once the party started Jet Pack Guy asks the player to board the UFO with Herbert under The Director's orders after Jet Pack Guy was asked by Herbert to help him find Klutzy. Upon arriving on the UFO and seeing Klutzy accompanied by alien puffles, Herbert double-crosses the Elite Penguin Force and grabs the UFO's source of power; a purple meteorite. Herbert and Klutzy then quickly move to the escape pod, being ejected moments later and leaving the Elite Penguin Force agents to restore power to the ship before it crashes into the island.

After restoring the power, the UFO does not have enough power to even stay airborne and the alien puffles decide to settle it at the docks. While Gary attempts to find a replacement for the purple meteor, the alien puffles get to know some of the island's traditions such as the Holiday Party. They even decorate the UFO to get involved with the celebration.

When the new year arrives, Gary finally discovers a substitute power source for the UFO, that being power fragments. The only catch being penguins would have to travel back to the Mesozoic via the Time Trekker 3000 in order to obtain them.

Free items

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Image Item Type Obtained by Members only?
Rookie's Giveaway Background Meeting Rookie No
Green Alien Puffle.png
Alien Puffle Puffle Adopting from the interface Yes (except for green variant)







Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Operação: Crustáceo
French Opération: Crustacé
Spanish Operación: Crustáceo
German N/A
Russian N/A

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