Operation Puffle Interface
Is it seen right now? No
Type User Interface
Party Operation: Puffle
Where? Everywhere

The Operation: Puffle Agent Interface was the screen where agents got their missions each day during Operation: Puffle. On this interface agents could access the wilderness map, the 10 missions and replay the Operation: Puffle briefing from The Director of The EPF. Special EPF related items were also given away after recovering specific Puffle types in Puffle Chase.


Image Item Type Release date Members only
HeadLamp Head Lamp Head Item November 21 No
Hydrotester3000 Hydro-tester 3000 Hand Item November 22 Yes
RescueOff-roader Rescue Off-Roader Hand Item November 22
RockClimbingRope Rock Climbing Rope Hand Item November 23 No
Stethoscope Stethoscope Neck Item November 24 Yes
PuffleFieldMedicOutfit Puffle Field Medic Outfit Body Item November 24
Bullhorn Bullhorn Hand Item November 25 No
RescueRing Rescue Ring Hand Item November 26 Yes
SearchandRescueSnowmobile Search & Rescue Snowmobile Hand Item November 26
Thermos Thermos Hand Item November 27 No
SnowGoggles Snow Goggles Head Item November 28 Yes
ArcticCamouflageSuit Arctic Camouflage Suit Body Item November 28
SearchFlashlight Search Flashlight Hand Item November 29 No
SurvivalSnorkel Survival Snorkel Head Item November 30 Yes
RescueDiverSuit Rescue Diver Suit Body Item November 30



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