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Orange Tabby Cat
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Orange Tabby Cat.png

Available April 17, 2014
Attitude Curious, demanding
Member only Yes
Favorite toys N/A
Play action N/A
Dance Jumps up and down
Tongue color Purple
Speed Fast
Special features Has tail and ears
Elite Puffle Items None
Favorite Games None
ID orange1007
Not to be confused with the unreleased Cat Puffle.

The Orange Tabby Cat is one of the Puffle Creatures, which became adoptable for the first time at the beginning of the Puffle Party 2014. It is based on the Orange Puffle and the real life tabby cat.


The puffle was confirmed on the What's New Blog in March 2014 when Polo Field said that two new puffles would come, with this being one and the other being the Blue Border Collie. Later, they were seen in a sketch posted on the Blog.

In game, the Orange Tabby Cat was first mentioned when they were known as stowaways on Rockhopper's ship (The Migrator) in early April 2014, who ate most of his supplies.


  • Attitude: Curious, Demanding
  • Puffle Base: Orange Puffle
  • Animal Inspiration: Tabby Cat
  • Special facts: It loves to hide in tiny spaces.
  • Dance: Jumps up and down.

Puffle Handbook Description

Always curious, these cat puffles will get into almost anything.



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