Outback Pond
Outback pond.png

Where Outside the Ski Lodge.
Opened March 10, 2006
Closed Still open
Mini-games Ice Fishing (When penguins enter the door).
Room ID N/A
Tour Description

The Outback Pond is a small, frozen lake found behind the Ski Lodge. It is only accessible through Secret Missions, Ice Fishing, and Elite Penguin Force.


The pond is inhabited by many underwater creatures, such as fish, squids, jellyfish, sharks, and crabs. There are also a lot of boots and barrels in the pond.

Involvement in Missions

  • Mission 5- You must deliver a pizza to a fishing penguin. If you do, he gives you a pizza as a thank you. Herbert and Klutzy later scare him off. Then you must set a trap and capture the crab.
  • Mission 6- Herbert brings his Woodchopper to the pond to cut down the Ski Lodge. You must distract him with a vegetarian pizza, and turn the reverse switch while he is eating. When he turns it on, he is sent into the pond.
  • Mission 9- You spy on Herbert from the pond using G's binoculars.



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