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Outback Pond
Outback pond

Where Outside the Ski Lodge
Opened March 10, 2006
Closed Still open (Elite Penguin Force, Herbert's Revenge)
Mini-games Ice Fishing (accessed from the Ski Lodge)
Room ID N/A
Tour Description

The Outback Pond was a small, frozen lake on Club Penguin Island, and the setting of Ice Fishing and its DS game counterpart. It is only accessible as a location in PSA Secret Missions and in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force and Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge.


The pond is inhabited by many underwater creatures, such as fish, squids, jellyfish, sharks, and crabs. There are also a lot of boots and barrels in the pond.

Involvement in Missions[]

  • Secret of the Fur - A pizza can be delivered to a penguin fishing here for an optional reward. The fisher is later scared off by Herbert P. Bear and Klutzy lurking in the shadows, but Klutzy can be captured with a net and rope trap, with a candle as bait, prompting Herbert to flee.
  • Questions for a Crab - Herbert brings his Mechanical Woodchopper to the pond to cut down the Ski Lodge. If he is distracted with seaweed pizza, the woodchopper can quickly be put in reverse, causing Herbert to unintentionally drive it backwards into the lake, shattering the ice and falling in.



Geographic location[]