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PSA Mission 1: Case Of The Missing Puffles
The Missing Puffles start screen.png
Released August 18, 2006
Rewards Mission 1 Medal
Letter from Aunt Arctic

Case Of The Missing Puffles is the first Penguin Secret Agency mission, focusing on the unreported disappearances of two of Aunt Arctic's puffles.


Can you describe your puffles to me - The Missing Puffles.png

The mission begins in Aunt Arctic's igloo. After talking to her, it is revealed that two of her puffles hid in her camera bag on one of her outings; eventually leaving the safety of their owner and going to explore the island.

After you finish speaking with Aunt Arctic, exit her igloo; from here you should head to the Ice Rink. Once at the Ice Rink, you can find a quest item - images of a green puffle. Pick the images up and put them in your inventory.

The mysterious images.

Back to the main mission, head to the Sports Shop and talk to Gary. Once you get your first dialogue selection, ask him if he has any "SPECIAL items"; this will prompt him to ask you how many socks he owns. To answer his question, go to the Pet Shop. Scroll to the left and click the note hidden behind a kennel. Use the code to decrypt the message. If done right, it should give you the total amount of socks Gary has. Finally, return to Gary and answer him.

When given the correct answer, Gary opens the cupboard to your right; allows you to use some spy gadgets. Take both items as you will need to use them later.

Go to the Iceberg, and you will see a collection of penguins packed close together on a small fragment of the iceberg. With the Life Preserver Shooter claimed from Gary, click on them. This will start a small mini-game. Fire at the penguins using your mouse (take into account wind direction and velocity). Once all penguins are saved, talk to the one wearing green. He will say he saw two puffles; and that he could not see them properly due to not being "high up".

Using this statement, head to the Ski Hill where you will see a brown penguin sitting next to his broken telescope and crying. Talk to the penguin, and he will ask you to fix his telescope.

Please fix my telecope - The Missing Puffles.png

To fix his telescope, go to your Spy Phone and press "Tools". Drag the wrench over to the tripod. This will fix the telescope. Look into the telescope and search for a flying green puffle near the Tallest Mountain.

The Tallest Mountain - The Missing Puffles.png

Travel to the Tallest Mountain. Once there, "look up". Go in to your inventory and drag the grappling hook to somewhere on the mountain side (it does not matter where).

Once up, talk to the green puffle which, in turn, leads you to a purple puffle.


The "Peek-a-Boo" penguin.

  • This mission marks the very first appearance of Gary the Gadget Guy.
  • The titular missing puffles are unnamed in this mission, but were later revealed to be called Scone and Cornelius.
  • If the player clicked the red circle with a dot next to the puffle pictures at the Ice Rink, a saw will cut the circle and a red penguin will appear saying "peek-a-boo!".
  • This is one of only two PSA Missions that do not involve Herbert or Klutzy in some way.
  • The answer to Gary's question could range from 21 to 98 inclusive. Also, the last digit could not be zero. This way, the Tic-Tac-Toe Code message in the Pet Shop would not simply be "thirty", "forty", etc.
  • Due to Aunt Arctic being The Director of the PSA (not revealed until several years later), this mission was actually her training the player.[1]


Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese O Caso dos Puffles Desaparecidos
French Le Cas des Puffles Disparus
Spanish En busca de los puffles perdidos
German Die verschwundenen Puffles
Russian Тайна похищенных пафлов


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