PSA Mission 4: Avalanche Rescue
Released August 7, 2007
Rewards Mission 4 Medal
Handy Penguin Award

Avalanche Rescue is the fourth PSA mission. In this mission, an avalanche occurs, leaving four penguins stranded. The player has to save them.


  1. Talk to G and ask him to open the Gadget Room. Get the Life Preserver Shooter, then go to the Lighthouse and take the rope in the boat.
  2. Go to the Ski Lodge – take the fishing rod that's next to the Ice Fishing door and combine all three items.
  3. Go to the Ski Village – talk to the penguin. Then, go into the Sport Shop and get the belt from the penguin mannequin in the corner.
  4. Go to the Ski Village – talk to the crying penguin. Click on the Ski Lift and put the brown belt on it. Pick up the white fur.
  5. Go to the Beacon and take the telescope using the Spy Phone's wrench. Go to Gary's Room then place it on the telescope stand. Work out the path to rescue the penguins.
  6. Waddle up to the Mountain, then go down the sled race – use the path you figured out from the telescope to get to the penguins. (The path is as follows: right, middle, middle, left, right).
  7. Pick up the first penguin, then the second one. Drop one of them on the platform, then pick up another penguin – then put them all on the platform. They will push the rock so it is easier to get the 4th penguin. Pick up all the three penguins then rescue the 4th.
  8. Talk to G, and give him the fur.

Congratulations! You completed Mission 4, claim your medal and reward!


  • The Card-Jitsu cards WHITE PUFFLE and White Puffle both feature a White Puffle on the 5th maze room.
  • This was the first mission where you could access the Gadget Room. It was also the first appearance of the Thingamajig.
  • Finishing this mission used to also give a letter from the Director, that would self-destruct after closing. The letter was removed when the missions were re-added in 2015.
  • Helping the crying penguin would award players the Handy Penguin Award, as an additional step.


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Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseO Resgate da Avalanche
FrenchAlerte à l'Avalanche
SpanishRescate en la nieve
RussianСпасение из-под лавины






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