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Paint By Letters
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Players 1
Controls Keyboard, mouse
Minigame location Book Room
Date released March 10, 2008
Date closed June 14, 2012

Paint by Letters was a typing game and book series found on the Book Shelf in the the Book Room, published by the Snowball Press The game was released on March 10, 2008 (originally intended to be March 3), with the My Puffle and Burnt Out Bulbs. On February 3, 2009[1] (originally intended to be January 30[2][3]), a third book, Lime Green Dojo Clean, was released. The game was removed from the Book Room permanently on June 14, 2012. According to Club Penguin's email support, this was due to the game not being played often.[4]


Upon the starting the game, gray-colored words on a blank page would appear, one line at a time. The player had to type each letter in sequence, which would turn each letter black-colored. Once the whole line was completed, the next line would appear, and this would continue until each page was typed out, and then the whole book was completed, finishing the game, and rewarding the player with coins.

The books were dynamic, and the illustrations on the right side of the page filled in as the player typed. Some lines gave the player a choice between multiple words colored in blue to type, such as "(Dock / Beach / Forest / Cove)", and which option the player chose to type affected the story and illustrations. Additionally, the player appears as a "character" in each book, in that their color would be reflected in the game. In My Puffle, if the player was walking a puffle, their could would be reflected in the game as well. If none was walked, the puffle would be blue.

Once a page was complete, some part of the completed illustration could be interacted with, usually by clicking or dragging with the mouse. This revealed hidden coins that had to be clicked quickly to receive. At the end of the book, the player received a small coin bonus for each hidden coin found, and a further bonus if all were found.



Newspaper articles[]

Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese Pintando com Letras
French N/A
Spanish Escribe tu cuento
German Malen nach Buchstaben
Russian Рисуем словами