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The Paper Boat Scavenger Hunt was an event held from August 8, 2008, to August 18, 2008, to find the blueprints for Rockhopper's plans on the Ship Igloo. After finding all of the boats from the Scavenger Hunt, the player would have to assemble the boats' papers, each one is part of the full igloo blueprints, and after assembling correctly, the player would be able to obtain the Blueprints Background.


The event occurred when Rory was making test paper boats out of the sketches for the new Ship Igloo and got carried away, later losing them. Players found the pieces of the sketches and blueprints and put them back together, resulting in the Ship Igloo being released.

Scavenger Hunt locations[]

# Clue Room Location
1 On your boat quest start, to somewhere you can ride a cart. Mine Shack Inside a wooden box
2 Surfer's have to stay afloat, if they want to find this boat. Cove Near the small buoys
3 In a shop where beans are ground, you will find a boat floating around Coffee Shop In a bowl on the counter
4 On snowy shores among the rocks, is where this missing boat is docked. Beach Behind a rock in the water
5 Below the street is where it is found, so head downstairs and swim around. Cave Floating outside the window
6 Poor Rory is in quite a kerfuffle. Look for this boat near a puffle. Pet Shop Inside a bowl with water
7 You're nearly there, so don't you stop! You'll find this boat when penguins hop. Dock Below the wooden platform
8 If this boat were made of stone, it might get this place to tip. Iceberg On the right side of the iceberg


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