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:Hint: This last boat's been in a tree awhile, hidden on a deserted isle.
:Hint: This last boat's been in a tree awhile, hidden on a deserted isle.
:Location: At [[Iceberg]], at the top of the largest tree.
:Location: At [[Iceberg]], at the top of the largest tree.
Island Adventure Party 2010 Beach.png|[[Beach]]
Island Adventure Party 2010 Forest.png|[[Forest]]
Island Adventure Party 2010 Hidden Lake.png|[[Hidden Lake]]
Island Adventure Party 2010 Iceberg.png|[[Iceberg]]
Island Adventure Party 2010 Plaza.png|[[Plaza]]
Island Adventure Party 2010 Ski Village.png|[[Ski Village]]
Island Adventure Party 2010 Snow Forts.png|[[Snow Forts]]
Island Adventure Party 2010 Town.png|[[Town]]
==See also==
==See also==

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Paper Boat Scavenger Hunt icon

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The map once the paper boats were found

The Paper Boat Scavenger Hunt was a Scavenger Hunt in Club Penguin. It began when the Island Adventure Party 2010 started, on June 17th, and ended on June 27th.


Penguins had to explore Club Penguin Island and use small hints to locate paper boats. After collecting all eight boats, Penguins had to put eight different pieces of a treasure map together in the correct places. Finally, once the penguin completed the map and scavenger hunt, they were rewarded a Treasure Cove Background. If you had the Miners Helmet, you could have gone to the Cove and drilled on the red "X", and after a while the Puffle Bandanna would be found.

Scavenger Hunt Locations

  • Paper Boat 1:
Hint: The campfire's roaring, the tea is poured, and in the bushes this boat is stored.
Location: Lower left corner of Forest.
  • Paper Boat 2:
Hint: Blue flags are flying on this sandy shore, the boat is anchored above a door.
Location: Above the Lighthouse door in the Beach.
  • Paper Boat 3:
Hint: Pirate ships battle! Cannon balls woosh! This boat's taking cover behind a bush!
Location: Near Stadium entrance in a bush in the Snow Forts.
  • Paper Boat 4:
Hint: To find this boat, you must begin, underground where mermaids swim.
Location: In Hidden Lake, above "Mermaid Cove" sign.
  • Paper Boat 5:
Hint: To find this boat without a scuffle, look to the bandana of a pirate Puffle.
Location: In Plaza, above Puffle sign, next to the Pet Shop sign.
  • Paper Boat 6:
Hint: To find this next boat just look up, inside a giant wooden cup.
Location: In Town, next to "Coffee" sign in the totem pole.
  • Paper Boat 7:
Hint: This next boat's high up in the air, hidden near a revolving chair.
Location: In Ski Village, above Tour Booth.
  • Paper Boat 8:
Hint: This last boat's been in a tree awhile, hidden on a deserted isle.
Location: At Iceberg, at the top of the largest tree.


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