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Operation Blackout Paradise.png

Where Herbert's Fortress
Opened November 15, 2012
Closed December 6, 2012
Mini-games None
Room ID 851
Tour Description
Welcome to Paradise. Everyone who swears loyalty to Herbert may relax long as you're quiet and respectful. Herbert might drop in from time to time. Make sure to tell him how cool he is.

Paradise, also known as the Spa, was a party room on Club Penguin. It is located at Herbert's Fortress. It is a private spa for Herbert P. Bear, but anyone who swears loyalty to him or resists against him may access (or infiltrate) it. There is a vent at the top that begins at the Central Lock Down, and if you keep following it, it takes you to Sector 1. There is a giant stone statue of Herbert, dozens of tropical plants, tables to play card games, and a mini Beach area here.



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