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The Parent Tools are a set of tools for managing all penguin accounts verified via a given E-mail address. The tools are found on the "Parents" page on Club Penguin's website, where a parent account can be created and accessed. Accessing a parent account requires the parent account's E-mail and the parent password.


The Parent Tools page lists all the penguins registered via the parent account's E-mail, and has an "Add" button for adding new penguins. Below that a list of sections is found, which can be expanded to view and change the settings of the selected player.

  • Basic Information- the first section displays the player's ban history, membership status, tells when it was last logged into, displays the penguin's age and the amount of coins the player has, and also has a field for changing the penguin account's password.
  • Chat Mode- allows to toggle between Ultimate Safe Chat to Standard Safe Chat.
  • Timer- allows turning the Parental Timer on/off, which is used for limiting the playing hours of an account, and changing the timer's settings.
  • Payment History- a log of membership payments.
  • Ban History- a log of the penguin's ban history. Tells when it was banned, for how long and for what reason. Also tells for how many days the penguin has been ban-free.
  • Connection History- shows the number of logins on each one of the last 7 days, and also displays the total login duration for each day.

In addition to that, there are options in the parent account's settings for allowing occasional messages by The Walt Disney Company.

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