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|name= Party Hat
|image= File:Party Hat icon.png
|imagesize= x175px
|available= No
|type= [[Head Item]]
|member= No
|party= [[Beta Test Party]]
|cost= Free
|found= [[Town]]
|id= 413
|unlock= No
:''For other party hats from Club Penguin, see [[Party Hats (disambiguation)]].''
:''For the similarly named item from [[Club Penguin Island]], see [[Beta Hat]].''
The '''Party Hat''' (also known as '''Beta Hat''') was a rare [[head item]] in ''[[Club Penguin]]''. It was available at the [[Town]] during the [[Beta Test Party]] on September 21, 2005. It was the first free item in Club Penguin and players who attended the party could pick it up. It was widely considered the rarest item in the game, as it could only have been obtained legitimately in two 2 hour time spans during the Beta Test Party.
{|class="wikitable sortable"
! scope="col"| Party
! scope="col"| Room
! scope="col"| Available from
! scope="col"| Available until
|rowspan="2"| [[Beta Test Party]]
|rowspan="2"| [[Town]]
|September 21, 2005, 7:00 AM PST
|September 21, 2005, 9:00 AM PST
|September 21, 2005, 3:00 PM PST
|September 21, 2005, 5:00 PM PST
*It made appearances in issues 11, 21, 63, 170, 175, and 256 of the [[Club Penguin Times]].
*It was mentioned in the real life book [[Stowaway! Adventures at Sea]].
*It appeared on the cover of the [[Yearbook 2008-2009]].
*It appeared on multiple [[Card-Jitsu]] cards.
*It appeared on the [[Login Screen]] for the [[4th Anniversary Party]].
*An image of it appeared on the [[Beta Hat T-Shirt]].
*It appeared at the [[5th Anniversary Party]] and [[8th Anniversary Party]], behind a glass cabinet.
*It was visible in a display case in the [[Clothes Shop]].
*It appeared on a portrait of the "First vampire" in the [[School]] during the [[Halloween Parties]] 2013-2016.
*[[Sam the Sasquatch]] wore it, and mentioned to have been received from [[Billybob|someone with a "nice green jacket"]].
*It appeared on top of an [[orange puffle]]-themed voting booth at the [[Dock]] during the [[Fashion Festival]].
*Its design inspired the tops of trees in [[Sam the Sasquatch|Sasquatch]]'s tree fort in the [[Sasquatch Village]] during the [[Wilderness Expedition 2016]].
*It was the first free item given away in the history of ''[[Club Penguin]]''.
*If the player talked to [[Sensei]] in the [[Fire Dojo]] or [[Water Dojo]] while wearing this, he would comment "Ahh, the Beta Hat. The most ancient of all hats. I rarely wear mine."
*[[Screenhog]] designed the Party Hat. He picked what he thought were "tacky party colors and put them on a classic cone hat".<ref>https://twitter.com/_screenhog/status/231144521986101249</ref> He chose "tacky" colors when designing the item to hopefully make the item less desirable and unwanted in the future.
*Hats identical to this item and the eleven [[Party Hats|Anniversary Hats]] appeared in [[Ep. 5 - Special Delivery]] of [[Rookie (CPI)|Rookie]]'s [[adventures]] in ''[[Club Penguin Island]]''.
*The [[Tester T-Shirt]] from ''Club Penguin Island'' shares the same color pattern as this item, as well as the [[Beta Hat]] also from ''Club Penguin Island''.
partyhatPC.png|On a [[Player Card]]
Party Hat In-game.png|In-game
Old Party Hat.png|The former icon
Party Hat former look.png|The former look on a Player Card
beta hat in news 001.png|As seen in issue 175 and 256 of the [[Club Penguin Times]]
club-penguin-another-waddle.png|The party hat appearing in "A Waddle Down Memory Lane" in the Club Penguin Times
PartyHats.PNG|The party hat as seen in the [[5th Anniversary Party]]
RSnail Mech Mice Chapter 2 hidden Party Hat.png|The Party Hat in a picture from [[RocketSnail Games|RocketSnail website]]
jitsu.jpg|The [[Card-Jitsu]] card with the Party Hat
Newspaper Issue 21 Beta Puffle.png|A [[Green Puffle|green puffle]] wearing the party hat in issue #21 of the Club Penguin Times
Clothes Shop item shelf.png|As seen on display in the [[Clothes Shop]], along with the [[Blue Shirt]], [[Orange Hoodie]], [[Christmas Scarf]], [[Hawaiian Lei]], and [[Gold Viking Helmet]]
Penguin wearing Party Hats.png|A [[penguin]] wearing the Party Hat
CPT63.png|As seen in issue 63 of the Club Penguin Times
Beta-in-newspaper-wow.png|As seen in issue 136 of the Club Penguin Times
Halloween Party 2013 School 1st Vampire.png|The 1st Vampire wearing the Party Hat in the [[Halloween Party 2013]]
Betahatshop.png|The Party Hat at the [[8th Anniversary Party]]
SenseiBeta.png|[[Sensei]] commenting about the Party Hat
Polo Field wearing Beta Hat IRL.jpg|[[Polo Field]] wearing the Party Hat
Newspaper Issue 170 Beta Hat.png|Appearance in issue 170 of the Club Penguin Times
Newspaper Issue 494 Sasquatch Eating Cactus.png|[[Sam the Sasquatch]] with his Party Hat
Vote Booth with an Orange Puffle.png|A vote booth decorated with an orange puffle wearing the Party Hat, as seen in the [[Fashion Festival]]
Sasquatch Village Party Hat.png|Picture of the Party Hat on Sam's wall
Screenhog goodbye card.jpg|The Party Hat on the card [[Screenhog]] (the creator of the Party Hat) was given when he left ''[[Club Penguin]]''<ref>https://twitter.com/_screenhog/status/659748530416840704</ref>
==Names in other languages==
|pt= Chapéu de Festinha
|fr= Le Chapeau de Fête
|es= Bonete de Fiesta
|de= Party-Hut
|ru= Праздничный колпак
{{Party Hats}}
[[Category:Head Items]]
[[Category:Head Items]]

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