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Party rooms were exclusive rooms that were only available for the duration of a party, although there were some that appeared directly before or after a party. Some were only accessible by members. All party rooms in Club Penguin used a .swf named "partyX", where X represented a number from 1 through 27. New party rooms overwrote older ones.

Medieval Party 2008 Treetop Fort

The first party room, the Treetop Fort

The first party room to appear in Club Penguin was the Treetop Fort, which appeared as a party room at the Medieval Party 2008. Since then, many parties have used these rooms. The last new party room to appear was the Reef at the Finding Dory Party, and the last party room to appear, overall, was Santa's Sled during the Holiday Party 2016.


Although not common, some pins have been hidden or obtainable in party rooms, only available during the duration of the party the room appeared in.
Image Pin Party room Party
Magic Phial Pin
Magic Phial Pin Underground (room) N/A[1]
Amethyst Pin
Amethyst Pin Cave Mine[2] Cave Expedition
Toothbrush Pin
Toothbrush Pin Ye Knight's Quest (And Princesses too!) Medieval Parties (2010-2012)
Quartz Pin
Quartz Pin Underground (room) N/A[1]
Expedition Key Pin Second Laser Maze Operation: Hibernation
AC 3000 pin clothing icon ID 7076
AC 3000 Pin Classified Area Operation: Hibernation
Shipwreck Beacon Pin
Shipwreck Beacon Pin Shipwreck Island Rockhopper's Quest
Scorn Crown Pin
Crown of the Dragon King Pin Mountain of Misery Medieval Party 2012
Herbert Security Clearance 6 Pin icon
Herbert Security Clearance Pin Herbert's Fortress Operation: Blackout
Clocktower Pin icon
Clocktower Pin Anna's Room Frozen Fever Party 2015,
Frozen Fever Party 2016
Bracelet Pin icon
Bracelet Pin
Flower Bouquet Pin icon
Flower Bouquet Pin
Deluxe Sandwich Pin icon
Deluxe Sandwich Pin
Portrait Pin icon
Portrait Pin
Area 501 Pin icon
Area 501 Pin Area 501 Operation: Crustacean
Fluffy Pin icon
Fluffy Pin Tyranno Town Prehistoric Party 2016
Total: 16



  1. 1.0 1.1 The pin was hidden as part of the play Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed
  2. During the time this pin was hidden, the Cave Mine was a party room