Is it seen right now? Yes
Type Treasure
Party None
Where? Aqua Grabber, Sea Caves

A Pearl is a treasure that could be collected in the Clam Waters level of Aqua Grabber in Club Penguin. They would give the player a different amount of coins, depending on which type. In Club Penguin Island, they are available as collectibles, meaning they can be traded by coins as well.


In Aqua Grabber, there were two types of pearls and two varying prices depending on what pearls you collected:

  • The White one, which was the most common pearl, would give the player 25 coins per each one collected. There were four of those in each level.
  • The Black one, which was uncommon, would give the player 50 coins per each one collected. There was only one black pearl per game.
  • The 'Grand Pearl- a giant white pearl. It was required in order to complete the level, and gave 300 crystals.



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