Penglantian Vault

Opened June 7, 2018
Closed June 28, 2018
Character(s) None

The Penglantian Vault was a zone in Club Penguin Island. It was a dark maze containing lost Penglantian treasures, only accessible during the Pirate Expedition. It could be accessed from a portal in the waterfall at Coconut Cove.


The maze itself was a large network of connecting paths, circular platforms, and dead ends, all of which was floating in a dark expanse of sky. Throughout the maze there were many crystals, coral, ancient pillars and arches, treasure chests, and torches. The torches changed color depending on what part of the maze they were in: green in the west, blue in the center, purple in the east.

There were a few various landmarks in the central part of the maze, including pillars supporting a stone platform resembling a gazebo, and the front part of a broken boat.


At the start of the maze was an area containing a large portal, which connected to the portal at the waterfall in Coconut Cove. South of the portal were stairs leading down to the maze.

Dance cave

Southeast of the entrance portal there was an ancient tablet depicting the music notes emoji. If this was used near it, a rock moved, revealing a hidden dance cave. On the right, there were multiple tables and stools. In the middle, there was a large dance floor and a stage with a microphone, instruments, lights, and speakers. On the left, there was a duplicate of the Deep Sea Shop.


In the east side of the maze was a platform containing a throne, similar to the one in the throne room of the Sea Caves, and a bust depicting a penguin, identical to the Glorious King Rorius igloo item.


A few sets of stairs led to the end of the maze at the farthest point in the east. The endpoint contained piles of treasure, and a large portal, which connected to Pahtaitoh Island at the Beacon Boardwalk. There was also a large tablet, which according to Rockhopper, said "Our treasures appear only to the noble. If thy heart be pure, step into the mystic veil."


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The following collectibles can be found here. Coins are also included.
Image Name Amount Respawn time
Collectible seashell.png
Seashells 120 15 minutes
Collectible crystal single.png
Crystals (single) 140 15 minutes
Collectible crystal cluster.png
Crystals (cluster) 23 At midnight in PST
Coin CPI small.png
Coins 75 total; 5 plus 14 treasure chests with 5 per chest At midnight in PST


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The following non-portable gear could be used here.
Image Name Location
Gear Spotlight Mic icon.png
Spotlight Mic In dance cave
Gear Guitar icon.png
Gear Keytar icon.png
Gear Drums icon.png

Quick Chat messages

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The following location-specific Quick Chat messages could be used here.
  • How do I get out of here?
  • Let's solve this together
  • This way
  • I know where the exit is
  • There's a secret this way
  • Let's race to the end!
  • These slopes are great for tubing
  • I'm the king of Penglantis!


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Name Soundtrack Location
Boardwalk Dance CrossingOver
Dance cave
Igloo Level1 EXTREME HangLoose
SeaCaves Sub DubStyleStep
SeaCaves Sub RaveCave Mono
Town CadenceStudio LICENSED ItsABeautifulLife
Town CadenceStudio LICENSED MoreMoreMore
Quest AuntArctic Diving Low EbbAndFlow


  • The reason the portal to the vault opened was because the seal on it weakened.[1]


Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Cofre Pinglante
French Coffre Pinglantien
Spanish Caja Fuerte Penglantesa
German N/A
Russian N/A


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