A penguin from Club Penguin Island.
Scientific name Spheniscidae
Similar creatures Ostrich, other flightless birds
Appeared Club Penguin, Club Penguin Island
Predators Whales and leopard seals (not seen in Club Penguin)
Prey Fish

Penguins are the main species of Club Penguin Island.

ID Number of Penguins

All penguins in Club Penguin have ID numbers, such as P123456789. The ID number signifies how old a penguin is in Club Penguin. For example, if a penguin's ID was P145965716 then they would be the 145965716th penguin created on Club Penguin.


The earliest known penguins are caveguins, also known as cave penguins. They lived in the prehistoric era of the Club Penguin Island with dinosaurs. There, they worked, lived, and played. The caveguins had a more limited vocabulary than the present-day penguins. Due to the Prehistoric Party 2013, many caveguins were confused about penguins coming from the 'strange shiny thing', known as the Time Trekker. They then discovered that they were from the present. The only named caveguin is Garugg the Ugg Ugg.


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  • After the release of the new Buddy List, player's friends now have a green circle around them in-game.
  • Penguins on Club Penguin are exactly 3.5 feet tall, as shown by the Mug Shot Background.
  • In Club Penguin, penguins changed in proportion over the years (except in-game and on player cards). They were small and plump (2005-2010), slightly taller and slimmer (2011-2012), and even taller and slimmer (2013-2017). In Club Penguin Island, penguins are based on 3D models and therefore have more of a 3D effect.




Special sprites

Former sprites



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