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Penguin Chat
Penguin Chat Logo.png
Platform Browser
Developer Rocketsnail Games
Publisher Rocketsnail Games
ESRB rating Not Rated
Genre MMOG
Date released January 4th, 2003
(beta testing)
February 3rd, 2003
(official release)[1]
Were you looking for Penguin Chat 3?

Penguin Chat was an online MMORPG game created by RocketSnail Games. It was the successor of Experimental Penguins. Penguin Chat included lots of new features like emotes, chat balloons, depth sorting (you could walk behind an object), and the ability to throw snowballs.[2] It also introduced the Penguin Band for the first time. It was created with Flash 5.[3]


  • Many people believe that Penguin Chat 2 was the successor to Penguin Chat. However, this is not true. Despite the names, Experimental Penguins was actually the original Penguin Chat and Penguin Chat was actually Penguin Chat 2 instead.[4][5]
  • Guests were penguins who did not have accounts. Their usernames would be green, and would appear as "Guest" followed by a number.
  • The waddling animation in Penguin Chat would later be used in Penguin Chat 3.


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