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Other than Club Penguin, there were also five other variants of Penguin Chat 3. These were basically the same game, but with a custom logo, characters, artwork, and music. They are licensed to various websites and companies.


The following is a list of the Penguin Chat 3 variants with their descriptions from

Crab Chat[]

Created for Barefoot Ministries. Players can select from 4 multi-color crabs, build sand castles, and chat with friends.

Chibi Friends Chat[]

Created for Carriere Entertainment. Members can select from 12 characters and join the party at Club Sapphire. It is still available at However, you can not sign up due to the game being too old.

If you view, there is still another chibi chat available, but it is just chatting. You have avatars, you can meet new friends, but it is not like . To view this new and improved Chibi Chat, go to

UltraShock Chat[]

Created for UltraShock. You can wander around as little robots and chat with your fellow developers.

Goat Chat[]

Created for UP2U Awards. You would walk around as a goat and visit the farm. This was originally hosted on

Rubber Duck Chat[]

Players could create their own rubber duck and visit with their friends. It was once for sale on Rsnail's website, but is not anymore. In 2012, RocketSnail released the duck and the room assets on his official website. Not much is known about Rubber Duck Chat.


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