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Penguin Football Chat

The logo for Penguin Football Chat.
Platform Browser
Developer Contact Music
Publisher Contact Music
ESRB rating Not Rated
Genre MMOG
Date released 2001

Penguin Football Chat (referred to as Penguin Soccer Chat in North America) was a slightly different version of Experimental Penguins. Players were represented as a penguin character dressed in a football uniform with two numbers and colors of their choice. Unlike Experimental Penguins, Penguin Football Chat had four rooms. The rooms were an upper-left to bottom-right diagonal field with red goals, an upper-right lower-left field with green goals, a field the same as the first field except that it has light blue goals, and a field the same as field two, but with black goals. These rooms were unnamed; on the room selection screen, they were only referred to using numbers. You could choose an outfit each time you log on. Everything you said appeared in a log in the corner. This log also showed when penguins logged in or out.


  • Penguin Football Chat was taken down in June 2012. An archive can be found here, however you cannot log in.
  • The ball moved randomly when it was kicked, making it hard to score goals.
  • While the game was hosted by Contact Music, they did not make the game. They only licensed a version of Experimental Penguins from RocketSnail Games and added the football element.
  • Penguin Football Chat's ball mechanics are different from the Club Penguin Stadium's ball mechanics.


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  • Football Chat To play,enter a name and number then right click and click Play.