Penguin Names are names players can create for their penguin.

Types of name

There are two types of names:

  • Usernames - the username (along with the password) is required to log into Club Penguin. Usernames can only contain Latin letters and numbers, and cannot contain punctuation symbols. Also, it is not possible to include some words and offensive marks in the username. The limit is 12 characters.
  • Screen Name - This is the name that is displayed under your penguin or on your player card.

Name Approvals

To begin with, your Screen Name is the same as your Username. Before it is viewed by other players, a screen name must be approved by moderators. A name is deemed inappropriate if it is offensive or reveals personal information such as your name or school. Screen Names like James1 or James T are allowed but names like James Thompson or Stmaryshigh are not allowed. If your penguin name is declined by moderators, your screen name will be your Penguin ID - P189719364 for instance. You still use your username to login. To make moderators accept your name on other languages, you must log on to servers a certain number of times until moderators accept the name.

2013 Name Change

On September 12, 2013, the names of penguins were updated. Your name would appear bolded in white text with a big black outline. If your penguin's name was not approved, it would show your Penguin ID on top with your username on the bottom in parenthesis. The name is only visible to the player. It resembles a feature seen in some Club Penguin Private Servers.


  • It was possible to use your username as your password, but it is no longer possible.
  • Back in the beginning of Club Penguin, your name could be 2 letters or just numbers, like the beta testers PU and 0000.
    • This is no longer available.
  • Strange names have been fixed by Club Penguin, but some penguins still have these names. Before, you could log in using those characters. For example: 'Teesam' could be 'ţééşăṁ'.
  • If you try to log into a penguin with an unapproved penguin name, a notification will pop up allowing you to change your name.


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