Petey K
Petey K Music Jam 2016 interface

Full Name Petey K
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position Accordionist/guitarist/pianist of the Club Penguin Band
Appeared In Club Penguin Band performances
Color Green
Clothes Items Pete K's Playercard 2014
Petey K Shades
Petey K Black Vest and Jeans
Petey K's Shoes
Related To Unknown
Friends With G Billy
Stompin' Bob
Meetable Character? Yes

Petey K is a member of the Penguin Band. He currently plays the guitar, but has also played the piano, triangle, kazoo, ukulele, and accordion. He is classically trained.

For a while, Petey K and the rest of the Club Penguin Band were not able to be seen wandering on Club Penguin as a meetable character, until Music Jam 2008 where he signed backgrounds at the Back Stage. He is normally found with 1 or 2 other band members during parties and events. During 2013 he was first found playing an Electric Blue Guitar in Club Penguin's second music video for their second song, Anchors Aweigh.

Petey K New Signature

Petey K's Signature.


  • He loves coffee and pizza.
  • If he wasn't a musician, he would be producing the music that goes into other penguins' igloos. Ironically, he still does, because the Penguin Band produces most of the music in Club Penguin, including the ones in igloos.
  • His name is extremely similar to British comedian Peter Kay. However, no recognizable connection has been found between them except that Petey K likes jokes, but that may just be a coincidence.
  • At the Penguin Play Awards, he claims that he made the music for Fairy Fables.
  • He says his accordion is a limited edition version ordered from the Penguin Style.
  • His accordion is different than the one given out at the 2009 St. Patrick's Day Party.
  • His sunglasses look exactly the same as the Aviator Sunglasses on his player card, but it looks like a scuba mask or diva sunglasses while he was giving out his backgrounds.
  • According to the Club Penguin Times, Petey K used to work in the Pet Shop, this is the same as Franky so they may have know each other.
  • According to the Club Penguin Sticker Album, Petey K also plays the triangle, kazoo and the ukulele.
  • In the video Anchors Aweigh, he was playing a blue guitar.
  • According to the 2011-2012 Yearbook, he is most likely to start a food fight.
  • He used to be the Penguin Band's accordion.
    • Nowadays, he plays the Blue Electric Guitar.
  • His signature makes a face, with the two "o" like letters on the top as eyes, the "P" looks like a beak, and the line in it looks like a smile.
  • He cracks a lot of jokes, and targets most of them at G Billy, much to G Billy's dismay.
  • In Club Penguin: The Party Starts Now! on the dedication page, Petey K states that he loves the smell of burritos at midnight.

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