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The Pin Maker 3000 was a smelter that was utilized for creating pins in the Boiler Room during some Medieval Parties. Hovering above the Pin Maker caused molten copper to be poured into iron casting, which was then cooled, forming the pin. The casting retracted, and the pin popped out and could then be obtained.

It did not appear at the Medieval Party 2010 or Medieval Party 2013.


  • During the Medieval Party 2008, it was named Anvil Maker 3000, and did not appear until the last three days of the party. Prior to then, there was a large crate where the iron cast would later be added. In 2010, the crate was brought back, due to the party not having the Pin Maker.


Image Pin Party
Anvil Pin
Anvil Pin Medieval Party 2008
King's Crown Pin
King's Crown Pin Medieval Party 2009
Brazier Pin
Brazier Pin Medieval Party 2011
Scorn Crest Pin
Scorn Crest Pin Medieval Party 2012


Names in other languages[]

Pin Maker 3000[]

Language Name
Portuguese Faz Pin 3000
French Pinzatron 3000
Spanish Crea-Pins 3000
German Anstecker 3000
Russian N/A