Pirate Crabs
Pirate Crabs on chest
Scientific name Clubpenguinus crabus
Similar creatures Crabs
Appeared Pirate Party 2014
The Fair 2015 (as transformation)
Inside Out Party
Predators Unknown
Prey Unknown

The Pirate Crabs were a group of crabs who were acquaintances of Rockhopper which were based at Swashbuckler Trading Post.

Like penguins, they were keen listeners to Rockhopper's adventures over the seas; and when the aforementioned pirate mentioned Club Penguin Island, which they appeared extremely "keen" about, they boarded the famed pirate's ship and sailed towards the island. After reaching a close proximity to the island, the pirate crabs crashed the second Migrator and invaded the island.

Following the first steps of their invasion process, they began rounding up Rockhopper's treasure so that they could bury it where no penguin - including Rockhopper - could find it.

The crabs later departed from Club Penguin Island after Rockhopper gave them a fake map he had created.


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