Pirate Dueling
Dueling Pirate Crabs select.png
Players 2 (with other penguins) or 1 (when dueling pirate crabs)
Controls Mouse
Minigame location Anywhere
Date released November 20 – December 4, 2014

Pirate Dueling was a mini-game available to be played during the Pirate Party 2014 which draws influence from Lightsaber dueling that focuses on "traditional" pirate sword fighting; specifically that of slashes rather than jabs.


Other penguins

To start a duel press D while wearing any sword from the Pirate Party 2014. A circle with two crossed cutlasses should appear above your head, which indicates that you are willing to be sparred with.

Once clicked by another player wearing a sword, an interface should appear that shows three arrows; one for each attack direction: up, middle and down.

In order for a winner to be crowned, both players click an attack direction. The game follows a rule much like rock-paper-scissors so: a low attack beats a high attack, a high attack beats a middle attack, and a middle attack beats a low attack. Additionally, if both players click the same arrow, it will be a draw with no winner, and both players will receive the same amount of points.


Once crowned victor of a match, points will be rewarded which allow the player to advance further in the Pirate Party 2014 interface. The point distributions are:

  • 10 points - To the loser or to both players depending on if the match is a draw.
  • 20 points - Awarded to the victor.

Dueling pirate crabs

Crab battling as a general term uses the same mechanic from the aforementioned variant of pirate dueling, but uses robotic programs with custom animations (in the form of crabs) as the opponent. The player has to use the correct move against the non-playable-character - the crab - and it's randomized number-to-action set-up.


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Rockhopper's dialogue

Dueling dialogue

Additional dialogue


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