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|name= Pirate Expedition
|name= Pirate Expedition

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Pirate Expedition

The start screen during the event

When June 7–28, 2018
Location Coconut Cove, Penglantian Vault, Beacon Boardwalk
Characters Rockhopper, Rory

The Pirate Expedition was an event in Club Penguin Island that began on June 7 and ended on June 28, 2018. It was first announced in an Island News Blog post by SGT Sparkles.[1] During this event, players could explore a Penglantian Vault and discover ancient treasures.



Image Reward Available from Available until
Captain's Wheel CPI icon.pngTreasure Chest CPI icon.pngGlorious King Rorius icon.png
Ship's Plank icon.pngBottled Message icon.pngModel Migrator icon.png
Ability to buy six items
at Igloos & Interiors
(Captain's Wheel, Treasure Chest,
Glorious King Rorius, Ship's Plank,
Bottled Message, Model Migrator)
June 7, 2018 June 14, 2018
Crystal Cave icon.png
Ability to buy Crystal Cave
at Igloos & Interiors

Chest at end of maze

Image Reward Type
Ceremonial Coat icon.png
Ceremonial Coat Tops Item
Tube Ancient Throne icon.png
Ancient Throne Tube


Upon logging in

Character Dialogue
Ahoy! So you’re here for the treasure too?
You must know a Penglantian vault when you see one.
You're not seriously going in there, are you?
Explorers go in…
Har har, don’t you worry! I’m the expert on Penglantian vaults.
It be rare for a magical seal to weaken. We can’t pass up this chance!
Go ahead, matey. I’ll go make room for our booty in the Migrator’s hold.
I'm not usually the voice of reason but—be careful, okay?

Upon reaching the stone tablet

Character Dialogue
It says “Our treasures appear only to the noble.”
“If thy heart be pure, step into the mystic veil.”
Something tells me that portal would chew me up and spit me out.
Whatever be through it is yours, matey. I’ll take the treasure here, har har!

After going through the second portal

Character Dialogue
There’s been treasure under me beak all this time!?
A deal’s a deal. Something tells me these relics are meant for you.


Character Dialogue
If there ever be a pirate who could pass through the veil, it’s you.


  • The event was originally going to end on June 14, but was later extended to June 26.[2] However, the expedition ended up continuing until June 28.
  • A day prior to the expedition's official announcement, a tweet was posted by Club Penguin hinting at it through use of emojis. The emojis were later revealed to mean "pirate maze".


Sneak peeks



Coconut Cove

Penglantian Vault

Pahtaitoh Island


Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Expedição Pirata
French Expédition de pirate
Spanish Expedición pirata
German N/A
Russian N/A


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