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Pirate Party 2014
Pirate Party logo.png

Members only? No
When November 20, 2014 — December 3, 2014
Free Item(s) See the free items section
Location Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) Rockhopper[1]

Battle crabs for loot!
— The tagline for the party[2]

The Pirate Party 2014 is a party in Club Penguin, occuring from November 20 to December 3, 2014.[3]

The party has a pirate theme, and its main feature allows penguins to duel with one another or Pirate Crabs to collect "pirate party coins" for experience they can use to collect different swords. In addition, members can also unlock new items each day through the interface.[4]



A group of crabs living on Swashbuckler Trading Post boarded Rockhopper's ship after the aforementioned pirate had told them about his journeys and his home.[5] Once on board, the crabs eventually "took over" Rockhopper's ship; painting the sail with a crab and standing aggressively at the front.[6]

After sailing for several weeks and crashing the Migrator on to the shores of Club Penguin,[7] the pirate crabs began rounding up precious treasures that Rockhopper had gathered over the years.[8] Rockhopper then begins recruiting penguins to help him stop the pirate crabs from burying his treasure; sending them to do battle with them and regather up the remaining loot.

Free Items

Image Item Type Location Release date Members only?
Clothing Icons 9215.PNG Rockhopper's Evergreen Giveaway Background Meeting Rockhopper November 20 No

Quest rewards

Main article: Pirate Party 2014 interface


  • It will be the fourth pirate-themed party in Club Penguin; the first being the Pirate Party 2007, the second being Rockhopper's Arrival Party, and the third being Rockhopper's Quest.[3]
  • In the Puffle Hotel Sitting Room during the Halloween Party 2014, there was a pirate ship, a diver's helmet, a pearl, some globes, and a painting of a pirate, which could have been hinting towards this party.[9]
  • The official name for the party was announced on the Club Penguin blog on November 3, 2014.[3]
  • The background of the Club Penguin blog shows crabs decorated in stereotypical pirate attire, a possible reference to the party and the crabs sailing on the Migrator. [10]
  • Players can use swords throughout the party similar to that of lightsaber battles during the Star Wars Takeover.[11][12] Whilst all players can get a wooden sword, members can get different types.[13]
  • This is the second time the Migrator has been destroyed, the first being during January 2008.


  • While wearing any sword, if you press 'D' and click on the wall without any duel, you can walk on walls.


Sneak Peeks

Party billboards and wallpapers

Club Penguin Times


Rockhopper's dialogue

Party Rooms


Rockhopper Sightings

Safe Chat Messages

Pirate's life for me!
Thar be hidden treasure
Where be the scallywag crabs?
That be part of the pirates code
It be a duel!
Pirate Parade!
Gangway mateys!
Those be scurvy crabs
Join Rockhopper's crew!


Question Answer
What is a pirate's favorite dessert? Peach cobblARRRRR!
What do you get when you cross... a pirate with a zucchini?
Know any good pirate jokes? Neither do ayyyyyy!
What happened when Redbeard... fell into the Blue Sea?
What do pirates wear in the winter? Long Johns!
What grades did the pirate get in school? High Seas!
What did the pirate say... when he crashed on the iceberg?
How does a pirate clean his ship? He has a Yarrrrrrrrd sale!

Tour Guide Messages

Room Tour Guide
Beach Arrr welcome to the Beach
It be the restin' place o' the Migrator
Ye can search for treasure...
or salvage parts fer yer own ship!
Cove Avast it be the Lost Lagoon!
It be a place of mystery and merguins...
rumored to hold treasure...
and the best surfin'
Dock Avast it be the Buccaneer Bistro!
Grab a mug o' cream soda...
and sing a sea shanty!
Watch out for duelin' pirates!
Forest It be the Jungle Ruins!
Thar be myths about this place...
some say thar be treasure...
that be guarded by a gray puffle
The Plaza This be the Lost Crew Plaza...
built by marooned sailors
They be doin' fine here...
they even be havin' a Pizza Parlor!
Town Center Arrrr!
This be the place for shore leave!
It be the Town
Do a jig at the Dance Club...
or grab a bandana at the Clothes Shop!


Taken from the official Club Penguin SoundCloud account.[14] All rights go to them.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Portuguese Festa Pirata[15] Pirate Party
French Fête Pirate[16] Pirate Party
Spanish Fiesta Pirata[17] Pirate Party
German Piratenparty[18] Pirate Party
Russian Пиратский Праздник[19] Pirate Party

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