Pirate Party 2014 interface
Pirates 2014 Party Quest Icon

The interface's icon
Is it seen right now? No
Type Interface
Party Pirate Party 2014
Where? Everywhere

The Pirate Party 2014 interface was a screen at the Pirate Party 2014 that was accessed from a button at the upper-right corner of the screen. It allowed players to obtain various items after completing tasks, either by dueling crabs at certain locations or by earning enough points from said duels.


Image Name Type Release date Location Members only?
Clothing Icons 1948
The Washed-Up Head Item November 20, 2014 Beach No
Clothing Icons 24227
Deserted Beachwear Body Item Yes
Clothing Icons 5502
Deserted Island Slingshot Hand Item November 21, 2014 Dock No
Pirate's Hook icon
Pirate's Hook Hand Item Yes
Clothing Icons 5503
Pirate Flag Hand Item November 22, 2014 Town No
Swashbuckler Hat Puffle Hat Yes
Clothing Icons 5504
Jailor's Keys Hand Item November 23, 2014 Snow Forts No
Clothing Icons 6241
Ball and Chain Feet Item Yes
Clothing Icons 1949
The Scallywag Head Item November 24, 2014 Plaza No
Clothing Icons 24228
Lost Lynx Body Item Yes
Furniture Icons 2315
Crab Treasure Chest Room furniture November 25, 2014 Forest No
Clothing Icons 24229
Crock Costume Body Item Yes
Clothing Icons 5501
Squid Scrunch Hand Item November 26, 2014 Cove No
Clothing Icons 6247
Octolegs Feet Item Yes

Duel progress

These items could have been unlocked by earning various amounts of points in total.

Image Name Type Members only? Points
Clothing Icons 5495
Wooden Sword Hand Item No None
Stinky Cheese Sword icon
Stinky Cheese Sword Hand Item Yes 50
Clothing Icons 5497
Balloon Blade Hand Item Yes 100
Clothing Icons 5498
Rogue's Rapier Hand Item Yes 150
Clothing Icons 5499
Jeweled Cutlass Hand Item Yes 200
Clothing Icons 1950
Golden Pirate Hat Head Item No 200
Clothing Icons 24230
Master Pirate Outfit Body Item Yes 200


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